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5 Great Reasons to Join The Police Force


Becoming a police officer is something that many people aspire to do. After all, when you grow up admiring officers and what they do for our community, it’s no wonder why you’d want to follow the same honorable path yourself. Yet, becoming a police officer is so much more than just imitating the heroes that we see on TV. It’s a unique and exciting blend of all sorts of roles, and a tangible opportunity to make a difference in your community. Here are some great reasons for you to consider becoming a police officer.

Protecting Your Community

Unfortunately, we live in a world where criminals exist, and not everyone is equipped or willing to protect themselves. This is why we employ police officers to keep a community safe and prevent crime. They’re there to provide assistance in emergencies and ensure that everyone is kept safe when in need. 

If you’re someone who takes great joy in protecting others, then becoming a police officer might be very rewarding. You are quite literally a local hero, and as such, it can be very satisfying to protect members of your community.

A Diverse Work Environment

If you’re the kind of person who could never imagine yourself working a nine-to-five job in a dreary office, then know that a career in law enforcement is one of the most dynamic and diverse work environments there is. Rarely is police work monotonous, since every day you’re faced with a new set of challenges and tasks. Even routine patrols can turn into an exciting chase, so if this sounds exciting and engaging to you, then you may make a great police officer.

Career Advancement

There are some people that love the thrill of advancing in their career and making it to the top. The police force offers many opportunities for career advancement and specialization. The more experience that you gain and the more you demonstrate your skills to your captain, the more you move up in the ranks. You may also be interested in moving up into specialized units like SWAT teams or cybercrime. Professional growth can be incredibly satisfying, and one of the best parts of law enforcement since there’s always room to grow.

Salary and Benefits

People who work in law enforcement are usually quite satisfied with the stability and benefits that the job brings. Typically police officers are fairly well compensated regardless of where they live, however, some states are higher paying than others. Beyond the salary itself, becoming a police officer also offers very interesting benefits and incentives which makes it a secure and sustainable career choice that goes beyond your career as a police officer. 

If you decide to change careers later and pursue higher education, many police departments offer educational incentives as well as tuition reimbursement.

Transferable Skills

What you learn while you’re on the force will serve you for the rest of your life. If you’re looking for a job that will help open doors to plenty of other careers, then look no further than a job as a police officer. You will learn skills that could help you in all areas of your life, and provide opportunities for opening more doors down the road.

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