Rogue Magazine Features Attracting Talent with Direct Sourcing

Attracting Talent with Direct Sourcing

Many companies are now using or are planning to use direct sourcing to attract, curate, and engage talent communities without using a third party by identifying candidates with the best interest and awareness of the company’s employment brand. These talent pools are curated on an ongoing basis to ensure they are effectively meeting the company’s talent needs. Interactions with talent pools occur through events, job alerts, newsletters, networking events, and online interactions. 

Companies are facing serious challenges such as talent shortages and increasing recruitment costs. In fact, 50% of staffing firms are stating that unfilled jobs will result in $8.5 trillion in unrealized revenue in the next six years. New hire pay has also shown to be almost 10% higher than usual, meaning that cost-effective recruitment solutions like direct sourcing programs are now needed more than ever. 

Cost savings are a significant benefit of direct sourcing, but so is getting better quality of talent and candidates, having faster hiring processes, and providing a more “humanized” experience to the candidate. Direct sourcing can help companies amplify their employer brand, create stronger relationships with talent and candidates, and create a more diverse talent pool as well. Direct sourcing is a great tool companies can use to quickly find the right talent in the modern workforce while saving on costs.

Why Direct Sourcing Matters for the Future of Work
Source: Atrium Global

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