Rogue Magazine News 8 Easy Tips for Checking if a Digital Marketing Plan Is Working

8 Easy Tips for Checking if a Digital Marketing Plan Is Working

8 Easy Tips for Checking if a Digital Marketing Plan Is Working

Nowadays, digital marketing is everywhere. From newspapers to your favorite television show, almost anything that’s going on has some form of marketing applied to it. With digital marketing being so prevalent, it’s essential to know how to check if your digital marketing plan is working.

1. See if It Adds Up

Suppose your number of Facebook fans is greater than before. In that case, more people are talking about your business, and if you have more people coming to check out your website and you’ve got a higher Google search ranking, your digital marketing plan is working.

2. Look at Your Competitors’ Social Media Pages

Many times, other businesses have linked to the competitors of their business on the competitor’s business’ social media page while they’re promoting their page. If this happens to you regularly, then it’s working.

3. Look at the Comments on Your Business’s Social Media Page

Check whether people are commenting and interacting with your page more than before, whether they are talking about new things they didn’t before, or just chatting with each other and not engaging with your page. If people enjoy what you’re doing and are engaged more, then it’s working.

4. Look at Your Website Analytics

Website analytics is a great tool to see how many people visit your website and what they do when they come. If your website is getting more traffic, then it’s working.

If you’ve gotten more new visitors to your website, the number of page views has increased at a steady rate, and if the number of people searching for your business’s name on Google or Bing has increased.

5. Look at Your Engagement Level on Social Media and Whether or Not It’s Increasing

The higher your engagement level, the better your social media plan works. Engagement can be measured by the following: You can see how many people are commenting on your posts or responding to a post you’ve made or liked, how many people are commenting on others’ posts, and how long it takes for people to respond to your posts.

6. Look at Your Customer Service

Check how long it takes for people to get in touch with you, how many calls you answer, and how many emails you answer. If people are getting in touch with you faster than before, then it’s working. If people are getting in touch with you less often, it’s not working.

7. Look at Your Suppliers and See How They’re Doing Worldwide

If you’re getting your supplies faster than you used to, and whether you’re getting better quality supplies at a lower rate than before. When the quality of your materials is going down, and the prices are going up, it’s not working.

8. Look at Your Business Partners and See How Well They Are Doing

If you’ve got new partners that are doing better than before, it’s working. Nowadays, anyone can see how well the digital marketing plan works because the internet is so transparent. There are many ways to measure your business’ progress using the internet.

Most digital marketing plans try to get you to look at the same parts of your business that get you in trouble. This simple guide shows you what else to focus on. Measure progress, not just the result. Your digital marketing plan works when things are improving rather than when they’re going up and down. You also need to choose good digital marketing service providers for better outputs.

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