Rogue Magazine News 7 Common Mistakes People Make When Filing Workers’ Comp

7 Common Mistakes People Make When Filing Workers’ Comp

7 Common Mistakes People Make When Filing Workers' Comp

Every day, many hardworking individuals dedicate their time and talents to work. Depending on the hazards and risks involved in their job, they may get injured while working. This is why workers’ compensation must be provided for when an accident occurs.

Getting injured in a workplace accident can have long-term effects and can cause additional health issues. If you have been injured due to a work-related accident, then you should be able to receive the proper compensation and benefits. Unfortunately, many people make mistakes when filing their workers’ compensation claims.

1. Not Taking Action Quickly Enough

When an accident or injury occurs, workers may feel dazed, confused, or embarrassed. Even if they have no visible injuries, they may not be able to think clearly. At the time of the accident, workers must remain calm. Be sure to get coworkers’ statements regarding the incident and the events that occurred before and after the accident. These will be very important in your case. Get to a doctor as soon as possible to get documentation of your injuries.

2. Not Giving All of the Details to Your Doctor

You should tell your doctor about any preexisting conditions or injuries that you have previously suffered from. Being honest with your doctor will allow them to evaluate your condition and provide you with the necessary treatment. It’s important to avoid lying about your injuries.

3. Lying About Your Injuries

Sometimes, people try to exaggerate their injuries to strengthen their claim for workers’ compensation. Although this may be tempting, it can also lead to the end of their case. If your doctor believes that you are faking your injuries, then they may use the term “malingerer” in your medical records, which can destroy your claim. This is a bad idea as it can lead to the dismissal of your case.

4. Not Following Doctor’s Orders

Another mistake that can affect your workers’ compensation claim is not following your doctor’s advice or treatment plan. If your doctor orders follow-up physical therapy or tests, make sure that you follow up on these procedures even if you feel better. If you don’t follow your doctor’s orders, the insurance company might be able to argue that your injuries aren’t as severe as you claim.

5. Getting Caught Not Following Doctor’s Treatment Plan

One of the biggest mistakes that an injured worker can make during their workers’ compensation claim is not following the doctor’s treatment plan or following their doctor’s orders. Doing so can lead to them being caught in the act of an insurance agent who is trying to get rid of their case.

6. Not Working With a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

If you are dealing with an insurance adjuster, do not expect them to have your best interests at heart when it comes to your workers’ compensation claim. Only after all of the facts have been considered and a treatment plan has been established will decisions be made regarding your benefits.

An experienced workers’ compensation lawyer can talk with you about all of the details of your case and provide you with a comprehensive analysis of the proposed settlement. A workers’ compensation lawyer will make any necessary recommendations to you before you sign or agree to anything.

7. Not Being Honest With Your Lawyer

Before you start working with a workers’ compensation lawyer, make sure that you thoroughly disclose all of the details that could be relevant to your case. This includes your past medical conditions, employment history, financial issues, and any legal matters that you have been involved in. You should avoid talking about your case with anyone other than your workers’ compensation lawyer since they can’t defend certain issues that they are unaware of.

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