Rogue Magazine News 7 Interesting Statistics to Know on the Moving Industry

7 Interesting Statistics to Know on the Moving Industry

7 Interesting Statistics to Know on the Moving Industry

Although moving is one of the most daunting tasks imaginable, families typically move several times during their lifetime. And even with all the physical and logistical work involved in moving, there is also excitement about redecorating, more space, and new beginnings. Continue reading to discover seven interesting statistics to know on the moving industry.

Statistic No. 1: 50% of college graduates move back home with their parents. (Source)

Although college is a time of freedom, exploration, and preparation for the future, more students are returning home to live with their parents after graduation. They use the time at home to find a job or settle into their career, save money, and get financially established. Interestingly, many of the graduates understand that moving back home is not temporary, it may be long-term, or at least until they are ready to start their own family.

Statistic No. 2: The average person moves 11 times during their lifetime. (Source)

In general, people move an average of 11 times during their lifetime. That includes moving in with parents, moving from apartment to house, moving into a larger home, and moving for their careers.

Statistic No. 3: The average cost of moving is $1,200.00. (Source)

Although the average cost of moving is $1,200, those costs vary based on how much planning the mover has done. Boxing items for storage, moving them slowly to the storage unit, cleaning rooms as they go will go a long way towards saving money on the move.

Conversely, waiting until the last minute to pack will cost the mover more money and anxiety. They will find themselves with boxes mislabeled and many household items broken and destroyed which will ultimately make the cost of their move more expensive.

Statistic No. 4: Friday is the most popular moving day. (Source)

Part of planning to move is deciding what is the best day to make the move. While the first day of the month means you’ll avoid prorating the month, Friday is the most popular moving day of the week. By moving on Friday, the new homeowner has the weekend to get their new horse in order and be ready to begin their week on Monday.

Statistic No. 5: Around 20% of all residential moves in the United States are work-related.


Although remote work has made it possible for more people to work from anywhere in the world, 21% of all moves are so that workers are closer to their job.

Statistic No. 6: May through September are the most popular months to move. (Source)

Like almost everything else, there is a peak season for moving and that is May through September. Movers take advantage of the warm weather, the break from school, and the opportunities for families to adjust to new neighborhoods while it’s warm.

Statistic No. 7: The average two-bedroom house weighs 2,000 in furniture and goods.


Moving companies calculate moving costs based on the estimated weight of the rooms, furnishings, and belongings or by the home that you are moving from the square footage.

As you can see from the above statistics, moving can be daunting and is definitely hard work. However, if you plan and keep the statistics above in mind, your move can be a bit smoother and cost-effective.

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