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4 Job Roles That Can Take You All Over the World

For some people, the thought of moving even to another city within the same county as their family is not a consideration – so the very thought of spending months and months away from the UK entirely for work every year is simply unimaginable.

For others, however, a professional calling that combines a steady income and regular trips abroad is the holy grail of jobs, and for those people only, here are four job roles that have the potential to take you all over the world. 

  • International Aid Worker

First and foremost, one of the most charitable and respected professional roles, which will serve the dual purpose of enabling you to see parts of the world you ordinarily probably would not consider while at the same time giving back to those who are less fortunate than you, is that of an international aid worker. 

The requirements (both required and desired) for such a role will vary dramatically depending on the charity or international organization you are interested in, although people who have relevant experience and qualifications in human rights, international relations or public health will usually be favored. 

  • English Teacher 

Even though, immediately after teacher training is complete in the UK, you are required as part of the educational process of becoming a teacher to work for at least six months in one school, immediately after this period is over, you are quite within your right to look for jobs where you can teach English abroad. 

Native English speakers who have a passion and aptitude for teaching others can choose to tutor in more traditional settings such as international schools or instead opt to help adults learn English as their second language. 

Some of the more popular choices for English teachers who are looking to relocate, either temporarily or permanently, include the following destinations:

  • Mexico
  • Thailand
  • China
  • Japan
  • South Korea
  • Spain 
  • Oil and Gas Engineer

Most people know that, from oil tanker drivers to rig and site managers, any career within the oil and gas industry is going to be both always needed and also accompanied by a reasonable annual salary. 

Check out for the largest and most informative selection of job roles right across the entire gas and oil industry; and should you either already have a background in engineering or you are currently studying for your certificates, pay special attention to the role of an oil and gas engineer. 

  • Flight Attendant

Flight attendants (and of course, pilots and co-pilots), are more of an obvious first thought when considering job roles that allow you to travel, although it would be worth noting that, as of a 2021 study, the average pay for a member of cabin crew is just over £17,000 a year. 

Although there are no strict academic requirements to attain a job interview at the leading UK airlines, if you have experience traveling (even as a holidaymaker), you can speak one or more additional languages, and you are first aid-trained, these qualities could help you stand out from the other hopeful applicants. 

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