Rogue Magazine News 5 Reasons to Consider Nearshore Software Development

5 Reasons to Consider Nearshore Software Development

5 Reasons to Consider Nearshore Software Development

The high cost of in-house software development and other IT services sends many companies in search of outside contractors. These searches often lead to offshore providers that in some cases yield unsatisfactory outcomes. Many companies are now finding that nearshore services are a better fit for their needs.

What is Nearshore Software Development?

Unlike true offshore services that could originate on the other side of the globe, nearshore IT assistance is located much closer to the company. It may be only a few hours’ drive or a short flight away, and it provides several important benefits over its more distant counterparts.

1- Quality Software Development

For all the other advantages offered by nearshore assistance, the most important thing is whether the product is up to par. Companies seeking nearshore help with software development and other key IT services have found that these providers are on an equal footing with offshore resources that pose significant logistical challenges.

2- Time Zone Proximity

With nearshore support teams located in closer proximity to the company’s of operations, communication and collaboration can be completed with minimal inconvenience from time zone differences. In many cases, there may be only an hour or two of time difference, and some companies may be able to partner with nearshore assistance in the very same time zone.

3- Language Compatibility

Even in a global economy, there is still a need for some local commonalities. With nearshore IT services based closer to their own bases of operations, companies are more likely to be able to access resources in their primary language as well as additional languages that they frequently utilize. The result is more efficient and accurate communication between a company and its nearshore resources, bringing the two components closer together and creating a stronger overall company.

4- Lower Costs

One of the most important strategies for supporting a strong bottom line is controlling costs. If a company will not fully utilize a full-time IT professional, then the cost is not justified. Nearshoring will provide that company with top-quality, specialized assistance as needed. The result is a level of efficiency and productivity in data functions equal to or greater than what would be achieved with in-house IT staffing at a fraction of the cost.

5- Superior Experience

Not all outsourced IT support is created equal. An offshore resource may have a strong background in one area but be lacking in another. Software development is one of those specialties that has flourished in the nearshore sphere, largely because of the other factors mentioned here. Creating a good final product in software development requires close collaboration with constant feedback and product testing, and the beneficial arrangements for travel and time zones in a nearshore arrangement make that interaction more productive.

Nearshore IT services can be a good solution for many firms that need help but find too many logistical challenges in working with more distant offshore partners. If your company is looking to develop custom software, consider using a nearshore service that meets your corporate needs.

Opting for nearshore IT services offers several advantages, including reduced time zone differences, easier communication, and potential cost savings compared to offshore outsourcing.

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