Rogue Magazine News 6 Common Reasons People Use Personal Injury Lawyers

6 Common Reasons People Use Personal Injury Lawyers

6 Common Reasons People Use Personal Injury Lawyers

If you are seriously injured, and it is someone else’s fault, please consider hiring a personal injury lawyer. Most offer free consultations and work on a contingency basis, so it won’t cost you anything upfront. The lawyer gets paid after you receive a settlement, but don’t try to save money, as it may cost you more in the long run. Here are the six most common reasons people hire personal injury lawyers.

1. Legal Knowledge

Personal injury lawyers know more about personal injury laws in your state than you do. Too many individuals follow the advice of friends or family members whose experience with the law may be watching court TV shows. If you want to know if you have a case, ask a professional. Personal law cases cover a wide range of situations, from vehicle accidents to dog bites to medical malpractice. Don’t listen to anyone who does not have the resources or experience to advise you on your specific case.

2. Not Missing Out on Compensation

Another common reason to consult with a personal injury lawyer is to see what you are entitled to. Most individuals understand that their present and future medical bills should be covered in any settlement and lost income. A good personal injury can determine if you are entitled to money for your pain and suffering and an award for substantially your enjoyment of life. While rare, you may also claim punitive damage in some cases to punish a defendant who acted egregiously.

3. Handling the Insurance Adjuster

If one comes to see you in the hospital or calls you at home, an insurance adjuster will seem very friendly and helpful. They will tell you that they know you have a mortgage or other bills piling up and offer you a quick settlement. If you retain a personal injury lawyer, you can refer the adjustor to him or her. Once you sign a settlement agreement, you give up all future claims for the accident or injury. Referring all calls to your lawyer will help you avoid having the call recorded. Insurance adjusters will leap on any statement you make even if they just seemingly innocently ask how you are feeling.

4. Local Knowledge of the Courts

Reputable attornies understand your local court system. If you are a normal law-abiding citizen, you may not have experience dealing with the civil courts, their judges, the filing clerks, and the filing clerks. This can substantially speed up your receiving a fair and just award as opposed to trying to navigate the system yourself.

5. Proper Resources for Investigating Your Claim

Personal injury lawyers know how to investigate accidents efficiently. If you’ve been severely injured, the last thing you need is to worry about getting police reports, CCTV footage from nearby businesses, and medical reports. Personal injury lawyers can also interview witnesses and reconstruct accidents using models or special software.

6. Faster Settlements

You are more likely to get a fast, fair settlement if you hire a personal injury lawyer. Insurance adjusters know they will have to deal with a person who has representation, so they typically won’t waste time trying to trick you into making a recorded statement, either in person or on social media, because they know your lawyer will tell you not to. They also know that it may be up to a jury to make an award if your case has to go to trial if you use a personal injury lawyer with trial experience.

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