Rogue Magazine News 3 Mistakes to Avoid Making When Designing a Headstone

3 Mistakes to Avoid Making When Designing a Headstone

3 Mistakes to Avoid Making When Designing a Headstone

Losing a friend or relative can be one of the most depressing and painful experiences. Preparing for a descent farewell and memorial befitting the loved one can be an overwhelming job. A headstone is one of the most significant on many funeral budgets. Many people use it to create lasting memories of loved ones long after they are gone.

Headstones have become a significant way to help bereaved families to have closure after burying their loved ones. They help families create tangible memories with their friends or family, allowing them to overcome the challenges of the transitioning period. In addition, headstones provide a comforting place where families can go and spend some time and reflect on the memory lane of their loved ones.

A headstone design can significantly impact the creation of lasting memories by connecting the living and departed. Hence, you should be very creative and keen enough to meet or surpass the client’s expectations when making the headstone. This will help prevent some design mistakes that could be costly and effect affect your reputation.

1. Wrong Size and Shape

A poorly designed headstone with the wrong size and shape can create a negative impression. Headstone comes in different sizes and design choices depending on the family’s preferences. To make a headstone for a single person, you must customize a sizable design that can range from flat, slant, or single upright.

Similarly, if you are designing for two or more people, you need to make a sizable headstone with the appropriate space for inscriptions. Designing a smaller or a bigger headstone than the expected size can affect its shape. You should have standard grave measurements to develop the correct size.

2. Wrong Choices of Inscriptions

Inscriptions are crucial when designing a headstone. Some people have specific preferences on what they want to be written or seen on the headstone after they are long gone. Some headstone designs include a space for the name, date of birth, death, or deceased age. Other may consist of a place for a favorite quote or drawing. Still, people prefer a place to write a favorite poem or even a photo of their loved ones. It is vital to consider all these factors during the design process, but the end product depends on you and what’s best for your client.

3. Use of the Wrong Material and Color

Many cemeteries have put measures in place regarding the size, shape, color, and type of materials. Before designing a headstone, it’s important to inquire about cemetery guidelines on where it will be placed. You can also confirm with the deceased family to avoid making a headstone with the wrong color and material.

It is essential to have a perfect headstone for a grave marker and a place for relatives and friends to honor their loved ones. When you first begin designing a headstone, it might seem overwhelming, but it’s actually easier than you might think. By avoiding the above-mentioned mistakes, your loved one’s headstone will be something you will cherish and remind you of your loved one each time you see it.

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