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Why Concrete Makes not Just Sensible, but Stylish Outdoor Furniture

People have long used concrete as a durable building material for driveways and patios, but it may not have occurred to them to purchase outdoor furniture made from the same material. One reason may be that homeowners assume concrete furniture looks dull and unattractive, despite its many practical benefits.

While that may have been true years ago, nothing could be further from the truth today. Concrete furniture manufacturers now create practical pieces in a variety of colors and styles for nearly any aesthetic preference. Having multiple design options is just one of the many benefits of choosing outdoor patio furniture made with concrete.

Concrete is Durable

Concrete is one of the most durable building materials around, typically lasting at least 25 years. The heaviness and strength of concrete means that it can withstand all types of weather conditions including intense heat, rain, snow where applicable, heavy winds, and much more. Manufacturers of concrete furniture typically use precast and steel reinforced raw materials to ensure that the final product remains durable for years.

Concrete is Heavy

Homeowners might not appreciate the benefit of concrete being heavy if they need to carry new pieces of outdoor furniture from their vehicle to the patio. However, they are sure to enjoy this benefit when they see neighbors’ lawn chairs or folding tables blowing away while their own furniture remains firmly in place.

Another benefit to concrete heaviness is that it is nearly impossible for one person to steal the item by themselves and attempting to do so with a group of people would only draw unwanted attention.

Concrete Offers a Natural and Sustainable Look

The stone-based materials used to make outdoor concrete furniture blend well with a wide range of other materials such as wicker, leather, metal, and wood. A concrete table paired with wicker chairs that have wooden legs is just one example of how well these materials can pair together.

With new technology now available that makes it possible for concrete furniture makers to create lighter and more portable pieces, more homeowners are experiencing the beauty and convenience of concrete furniture for themselves. Some have even decided to use the furniture as main pieces indoors rather than only on the patio.

Best Practices When Using Concrete Furniture to Decorate a Space

Most concrete furniture is primarily grey, although some have other shades mixed into it. Homeowners should keep this in mind when attempting to match a piece to other furniture or decorations.

Matching the concrete furniture to other pieces with cool colors such as blue undertones or warm colors like beige is ideal. The entire arrangement will look best when homeowners stick with either a cool or warm undertone but not both.

Placing outdoor concrete furniture against a lush, green landscape helps to balance the structure of the concrete. When using a piece of concrete furniture indoors, it is a good idea to use other pieces of furniture or items in the room made from different types of materials such as marble, brass metallic, or wood.

The contrast between concrete and the various other types of materials brings a warmer feeling to the room than using all concrete materials would do.

Finally, there is no law that says homeowners need to begin their journey with household items made with concrete by purchasing pieces of furniture. Starting out with a small tabletop item like a candlestick holder is a great way to test the waters to see if they indeed enjoy items constructed from concrete before making the commitment to furniture pieces.

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