Rogue Magazine Lifestyle Commercial Grills vs. Commercial Charbroilers: Capabilities, Pros, and Cons

Commercial Grills vs. Commercial Charbroilers: Capabilities, Pros, and Cons

To be a successful cook then you must have the right tools and equipment in your kitchen. This may include a commercial grill and commercial charbroiler, to name a few.

If you own a restaurant or enjoy cooking a lot then you may be curious to know what the difference is between a charbroiler and a grill. Having this information and these details will help you make a decision about which to invest in or if you want to have both options in your kitchen.


While both have grill grates above a heat source, charbroilers are open and do not have a lid. One capability of a commercial grill is that you can close the lid to trap flavorful smoke to add flavor to your foods that need to cook more slowly. 

While both units can be used to cook a variety of the same foods, you need to remember charbroilers don’t have a lid. In this case, they’re ideal for quickly searing foods over high heat. If you’re looking to cook meat slowly or smoke a chicken then you’ll want to use an outdoor grill with a lid so you can cook it using low, indirect heat. 

Charbroilers are often large in size and can handle a lot of meats and food at once versus a smaller grill. This is perfect if you’re a restaurant owner.


With a commercial grill, you can use it inside or outside and when it’s outdoors you’ll have the option for natural ventilation. You have the option of heating your charbroiler with either gas or electricity. They’re similar to high-heat cooktops because you can hook up a gas line directly to them. Grills are versatile and can use gas, propane or charcoal for the fuel source. 

Charbroilers are easier to control and you’ll find it’s responsive when making small temperature modifications. Gas grills often come equipped with thermometers you can use to monitor the temperature and ensure precise cooking.  


One con to using a charbroiler is that they are used indoors instead of outside. The reason being is that with an open flame, they require a powerful ventilation hood above the cooking surface to get the smoke and gases out of the kitchen. One con to using a grill is that it may not be as easy or responsive in making slight temperature adjustments. 

With charcoal grills especially, it must preheat for a while, and then it’s also difficult to quickly change the temperature. You must have enough time and do more pre-planning to ensure your meat turns out. Charbroilers tend to be bigger units so you may not have the room for one.

These are some of the capabilities, pros, cons, and differences between commercial grills and commercial charbroilers. You should now have a better idea of which you may need in your kitchen, or maybe you discover it’s beneficial to have both since they each serve a purpose. Having the right tools and cooking equipment or appliances is essential for cooking the perfect meats and running a successful restaurant. 

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