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Top Spring/Summer Accessories for Beach Cruisers

Bicyclists choose their bikes based on a combination of desires and needs. These days, many cyclists look for comfortable, leisurely rides and lean toward beach cruisers. Upright cruisers are not only uncomplicated and easy to ride, but they also look hip and stylish. When purchasing a cruiser, you may consider adding accessories to your stock model to improve its ride and upgrade its look. The following collection of add-on items and apparel will increase your riding comfort, lift your cycling efficiency and enhance your bike’s style during warm-weather journeys.


Many cruisers come out of the gate outfitted with acceptable seats. Still, that seat is a one-style-fits-all model. Bike seats are personal choices, however, and you may want to consider upgrading to the most comfortable beach cruiser seat that will improve your ride. The right seat will complement:

  • Your anatomy
  • Your riding style
  • Your bike’s paint and design scheme

The seat’s thickness, profile and material construction (inner and outer) are all factors that come into play depending on how far and often you ride. In some cases, a thinner seat is actually preferable for long-distance touring, for example.


Because you grasp the handlebars for the entirety of a ride, you should have grips that feel great, especially in the summer heat. You will find it easy to change your standard cruiser grips to some configured with finger indentations, ergonomic curves, or cooling gels. Bear in mind, changing out grips may not be as straightforward on electric beach cruisers with handgrip controls, or grip-shifter pedal-only bikes. Check with your retailer’s customer service crew to see if a grip change would be straightforward.


Pedals are one more constant-contact point between you and your bike. Many stock pedals will suffice, especially for short rides. However, you can fine-tune the feel by replacing your pedal with one that works for how you often ride. For example, if you like wearing flip-flop sandals, the typical plastic pedal is going to feel uncomfortably hard. You can find softer materials to cushion the balls of your feet. Also, choosing pedals that match the color of your new seat is another stylish decision.

Baskets and Racks

Once you have added accessories that best merge body and bike, you can look toward other practical add-ons. Handlebar-suspended wicker baskets are the first-choice accessory for carrying gear. They provide an easily accessible receptacle for farmers-market foods and other errand goods. At the same time, baskets look naturally stylish on beach cruisers. If you need more carrying capacity, attach rear racks and side baskets as well; you can find bags with tops, a feature that protects your gear from the sun and the eyes of passersby.

Bells and Horns

Finally, select a noisemaker that sings the song that appeals to your aesthetic tastes: A bell that rings with a pull or a horn that honks with a squeeze. These handlebar-mounted gadgets are both fun and practical ways to warn other riders of your presence.

Beach cruisers, whether electric or pedal-only models, are top-pick bicycles for everyday riding. These bikes are created with comfortable, stylish and practical features. By adding warm-weather accessories, you can bump those features to whatever level you choose.

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