Rogue Magazine Lifestyle Top 10 Best NFT Games for Android to Earn Money in 2022

Top 10 Best NFT Games for Android to Earn Money in 2022

Top 10 Best NFT Games for Android to Earn Money in 2022

What is it that makes games running on non-fungible tokens so appealing and profitable at the same time? Are they here to stay and what are the ways to earn an income as an individual player, even if you are just casually playing these games? Let’s dive into it. 

How is the play-to-earn cryptocurrency game model earning a mass following, and what makes this as profitable as it is for casual and professional players, as well as developers and investors alike? 

What is NFT gaming?

In essence, NFT gaming is gaming where you as a player earn a financial payoff based on obtaining in-game collectibles, selling them, trading them, or renting them on marketplaces.

You are now the owner of the items you get – both inside and outside the game itself. Not only this, but you also get rewards for participating in the game’s economy, completing quests, as well as unlocking levels and achievements. Tokens are also rewards. Cool, right?

Top 10 NFT games for Android to earn money in 2022

The offer of NFT games suitable for Androids is at an all-time high. With this vast number, it can get hard to differentiate more quality from fewer quality ones. Here is our top 10 list: 

  1. The Sandbox: Actively participate in the game’s ecosystem by creating your non-fungible tokens in this 3D world such as avatars with VoxEdit, while interacting with other players and earning by selling these goods on a marketplace. 
  1. CryptoKitties: Fan of cats? Well, you are in for a blast with this one. This is mostly a cat-raising game where most of your time will go towards collecting and breeding cat cards in the form of non-fungible tokens. The rarer the breed, the better the value. 
  1. My Master War: This free-to-play 3D NFT game revolves around an interesting plot of ruling kingdoms, building armies, choosing smart strategies, fulfilling and creating dynamic battles, as well as crossing into different times and spaces as you play along. 
  1. Spells of Genesis: Fun fact, this was the first mobile game of this type to hit the NFT market. Intricate gameplay will have you creating the best possible set of cards in efforts to fight and win against your enemies. Collect cards, complete quests, join battles, and much more. 
  1. Realm: Ever dreamt of managing efforts to save the world? Well, this one is precisely about that – save the world from impending devastation, use your resources, and get your NFT leaders to save the planet. A well-done resource management game that will have you cracking down on the best strategies out there.
  1. Farmers World: The first farmer NFT game in which you will be collecting tools, resources, and managing land to create farms. Mine, reproduce livestock, make and store food, construct, cultivate, harvest, and fight monsters.
  1. CropBytes: With huge success farming games have achieved, it is no wonder another farming game is in our top ten. Make your crypto farm, grow some crops, and even engage in trading your goods in the game’s virtual economy.  
  1. Axie Infinity: A popular choice among gamers interested in NFT gaming, this one is likely to remind you of Pokemon and Digimon. You get your pet Axie, play with customization and characteristics to create a unique and high-value NFT.
  1. Monsta Infinite: What this game is all about is creating your team of three Monstas, in an attempt to create a good set of cards to beat your enemy. Play with the options of abilities available, as well as different attacks and defense mechanisms you can use.

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