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4 Must Have Camping Essentials for Your Next Outdoor Adventure

Sixty-one percent of US households include at least one camping fan. But if you were to ask these 77 million Americans what their list of camping essentials would include, you’d likely get almost as many different answers. 

While some people wouldn’t set foot in the countryside without their trusty knife, others consider their camping gear incomplete unless there’s a map and compass packed inside. 

But what are some of the essentials for camping that most people agree on? Let’s take a look!

1. Tent 

Of all the essential camping gear lists you’ll find out there, you can be sure that every single one includes a tent. As beautiful as nature is, you’ll need some kind of shelter to protect you from bugs, rain, and anything else that you might encounter on a night in the great outdoors. Ideally, you should also pack a sleeping bag and some kind of sleeping pad or mattress for comfort. 

2. Flashlight

Although it might be a less obvious addition to your camping essentials list, a flashlight or a hands-free headlamp is a must if you want to do almost anything after the sun goes down.

Without a flashlight to guide you, you might not be able to find your way back to camp, let alone collect firewood or cook. And trust us, night-time bathroom trips without some kind of flashlight to guide your way are an actual nightmare!

3. Food and Drink

You have shelter and light covered but you’ll need some kind of sustenance to keep you going. Knowing what to bring camping in terms of food and drink supplies is often the trickiest part of packing. After all, you want non-perishable items but weighing yourself down with cans doesn’t seem wise. So, what should you bring?

Dehydrated food packs are perfect as they’re lightweight to carry yet filling and tasty. Otherwise, snack foods like cereal, trail mix, bread, peanut butter, and tinned tuna are all sure to come in handy. And not forgetting, you’ll also need water for drinking, bathing, and cleaning, or some kind of portable water purification system. 

4. Kitchen Supplies and Dinnerware

Unless you plan on eating like a wild animal you’ll also need various cooking utensils, a selection of dinnerware, and cleaning supplies for your camping trip. 

As this Barebones Living guide explains, enamelware is often the best choice for camping dinnerware since it’s heat-resistant, lightweight, easy to clean, and durable. Otherwise, you’ll likely need a couple of pots and pans, a cutting board, dish soap, and sponges. And, when it comes to cutlery, make sure to buy a separate set for camping just in case you misplace anything. 

Must-Have Camping Essentials

Deciding which so-called camping essentials you’ll need and which you can do without is often a challenge. 

But with this advice to guide you, it should now be a lot clearer which items are absolute must-haves for your next outdoor adventure!

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