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Level Up Your Piano Skills: Your First Lesson

Your first goal as a beginner should be to find an instructor who will help you play music on the piano. There are many ways to learn how to play the piano, but online lessons can be a fantastic way to get started. Here you’ll find what you need to find the best online piano lessons and what to expect.

Things You Can Expect From Your First Piano Lesson

In your first lesson life, you can expect to learn how to play the piano, which includes learning about hand positions and reading music. During these lessons, you’ll find a few things you want to pay attention to for your success in practicing and future classes.

  • An overview of the keyboard and where each note is located
  • How to find chords on the keyboard
  • The basics of reading sheet music
  • A lesson on playing your first song using the correct rhythm and tempo

Finding a Teacher

There are many diverse types of online piano lessons. Here are some things you should look for in an instructor:

  • Availability – You want to find someone available when it is most convenient for you, whether that means during weekdays or weekends.
  • Experience – Find someone with at least a few years of teaching experience
  • Professionalism – Your instructor should communicate clearly and effectively answer your questions, free from distractions like background noise.

After you have learned the basics, it will be time for you to find appropriate songs for your skill level.

Finding Appropriate Songs to Play

The wonderful thing about learning the piano is that you can play songs from any genre of music. Each genre has its way of bringing about a story when you’re playing. Research into each or evaluate what your preferences are before choosing. You might even have fun going out of your usual comfort zone and learning a fresh style!

  • Classical songs – These songs are perfect for beginners because they’re a terrific way to build a good foundation.
  • Pop songs – Pop songs are great for beginners because they’re usually very rhythmic and have a catchy melody.
  • Rock songs – These can be more challenging than pop songs because they often have complex passages.
  • Blues songs – Blues are great for beginners because they’re usually played in a repetitive style.
  • Jazz songs – These tunes can be more challenging than the other genres because they often have complex rhythms.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Once you have found a teacher and started learning the basics, practice regularly. Practicing for even just five or ten minutes each day will be enough to see results. Carve out a time to sit and practice, and if that means at the same time every day to make sure you do it, then make sure you schedule that time and stick to it.

Since the beginning of time, people have been using music to express themselves. With an online piano course, you can learn how to play your favorite songs or even compose a new piece. For beginners just getting started with their first song, there are some great resources out there for finding diverse types of music and songs they want to play on the piano. One resource is the Forbes Music company which offers many piano classes and other classes to suit your learning needs.

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