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How To Prepare For A Budget Children’s Party

Planning a children’s party can be daunting, especially in a time in which many people have had their incomes hit hard by the Covid-19 recession.  Below, we have some useful tips on how to plan a children’s party on a budget.

  1. Have a Small Guest List

Parties are joyous occasions and the temptation is to invite as many people as possible. Nevertheless, discipline is important. Keep a tight ship and remember that the more people you invite the bigger your budget. So, stick to a small guest list of only the closest and most essential people.

  1. Create No-Fuss Invitations

Cut your costs even further by sending customized online invitations and ecards. This cuts down the cost of buying cards and of posting them. It is also more convenient for guests who can save the date onto their calendar apps, at the touch of a button.

  1. Go For Classic Games

Children are not picky and will enjoy any game that they find exciting. Try classic games such as Simon says, musical chairs, pin the tail on the donkey, and other classics. You can also try games like skittles and sack races.

A treasure hunt is alway fun but remember that your child is not Sherlock Holmes so keep the games simple. You can use a shoebox as a treasure chest and decorate it with some shiny gift wrap and construction paper. Fill it with the “treasure” and hide it somewhere discrete but not too hard to find and draw a map for the kids.

  1. Hire Undiscovered Talent

One fun idea is to hire an entertainer to your party to entertain the guests while you network. There is a whole universe of different entertainers you can hire. Perhaps a magician? An impersonator, or caricaturist? Or a clown, juggler, or ventriloquist?

Post a notice at your local college or search online to find drama students or amateur party entertainers for your party.

  1. Stick To Simple Foods

Every party needs food, but that does not imply having a five course meal for the party. Stick to simple foods like cakes, biscuits, juice, fruits, and other treats that will keep the kids happy.

  1. Get Creative About Plates

Plates are hugely expensive and prone to break even in the hands of adults, let alone children. Even when they do not break, it is hugely expensive to buy plates you will only use for a once-off event. Consider paper plates and cups, plastic cutlery, and napkins in mix-and-match colors. Furthermore, avoid age or gender-specific cutlery and go for reusable cutlery.

  1. Consider Diverse Party Bag Fillers

Kids lose plastic toys in party bags so buying them is a waste of money. Buy more durable and interesting gifts like artwork supplies like stamps, glitter pens, and stickers. You can break up the artwork supplies and divide them up for each of the children.

  1. Settle For Non-Peak Time

Budgeting time to plan your child’s party can be hard to do. This should not discourage you. When you have your budget done, look for a venue space to rent and see if they can accommodate you outside their busiest hours.

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