Rogue Magazine Features 4 SEO Strategies That your Business Needs

4 SEO Strategies That your Business Needs

Whether you run a small retail outlet or manage a large warehouse, digital marketing is an essential ingredient for success and if you are not focused on creating and maintaining a strong online presence, this should be a priority. The arrival of Covid-19 turned many consumers to seek online solutions, and with that in mind, here are a few tried and tested digital marketing strategies that deliver results.

  1. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) – This is the art of making a website more prominent in a Google search, which can be achieved using several strategies – specific keyword insertion, link-building and online directory listings. Millions of consumers search daily for products and services using Google and most find what they are looking for within the first 2 pages of a Google search result. SEO services can boost your ranking to the point where many users are being directed to your website from a Google search and due to the ever-changing nature of digital content, SEO work must be ongoing if you wish to retain that high ranking, and because of this, many companies decide to leave this process in the hands of a reliable link building company.
  2. Outreach Blogging – We all love to read blogs online and outreach blogging involves the creation of professional blogs and articles that contain links to the client’s landing page; the blogs are posted on popular blogging platforms, thus ensuring high readership. You can run a blog campaign, for example, with 20-30 articles posted every month and that would certainly result in a boost in site visits. Check out, a leading Australian SEO agency that has all the solutions and would be happy to give you a free online audit to determine the strength of your online profile.
  3. Social Media Marketing (SMM) – If you don’t yet have accounts with social media giants like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, you are missing out on a great marketing platform and by hiring a top-rated SEO agency, you can enjoy a large social media following that will be generated by an SMM team who really know their stuff. The agency would create quality content with regular posts and responding to the comments, which generates high interest and this will lead to a rise in sales. If you enlist the help of a leading SEO agency, they would put their SMM team on the project, taking control of all your SM accounts, then the work can begin. For more reading on tech tools to help businesses, click here.
  4. Google Ads – While you can sign up yourself and create a Google Ads campaign, it is not advised, as Google Ads is very complex and there are many options. The best solution is to call in a Google Ads specialist who would handle every aspect of your Ads campaign, which will put your ads in front of targeted users on the right digital platforms. To identify target groups and discover popular platforms they visit will empower you when it comes to choosing where to place your Ads. Here is some government information on digital marketing, which is a recommended read for all budding entrepreneurs.

The future is a digital world and with some expert help from a digital marketing agency, you can create and maintain a strong online presence that results in more business.

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