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How To Manage Your Gym Throughout The Holiday Season

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Running a gym throughout the holiday season can be quite challenging. Revenue might fall for employees that train gym members due to the members traveling during this period. There will likely be added expenses like that of heating the gym during the coldest times of the winter. You might even need to enlist the help of a snow removal company for the parking lot The end of the year means the rush of the beginning of the year is coming. Getting the gym ready for this is so important as you do not want to alienate your current members for those that might not stick around for more than a few weeks. The following are tips to help you manage your gym throughout the holiday season. 

Figuring Out Holiday Hours

Holiday hours can be a thorn in the side for a number of gym rats that have strange work schedules. As the owner of the gym, you can keep the gym open for a few hours on your own without an issue. Asking employees to do this is a great way to drive employee retention way down. At the very least, an employee unhappy with a holiday work schedule will look into another job before the next holiday season. The worst-case scenario is you have multiple employees that quit without notice due to unfair holiday scheduling. This can leave you short-staffed during the beginning of the year which is a recipe for disaster. 

Employee Appreciation

A gym owner might consider having a great holiday party with an open bar. Employees are what makes a gym if all other aspects of the gym are handled appropriately. The right pieces of equipment along with member plans cannot replace a great gym staff. Holiday bonuses are done by some businesses but it is not in the budget for all businesses. You want to retain employees that have a number of clients as personal trainers. These people create revenue regularly and can be incredible sales professionals when selling their services. 

Fixing Equipment During Slow Periods

Fixing equipment is always going to be something a gym needs to focus on. There are some members who might leave the gym if a certain machine is not fixed. People take their fitness very seriously so a lack of a calf raise or leg press machine can lead to an exodus of certain members. Looking into reliable used equipment might be an option if a machine is constantly being worked on. You do not want anyone to get injured due to faulty gym equipment which could leave the gym legally liable. 

Marketing During The Holidays For The New Years Rush

Online marketing along with new member deals being marketed at those making resolutions ca be important. You can lock a member into a long-term membership with the promise of a discount. There are those that will signup and then might not come to the gym more than a handful of times a year. Others might utilize the gym and get the most out of their membership. 

Running a gym during the holidays is going to be a challenge that you can meet successfully. Use the tips above to thrive throughout the winter season. 

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