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Stretch Marks Removal – Natural Remedies You Should Try

Rapid weight gain, whether it’s because of pregnancy, stress, not having enough time for diet and exercising, can cause a lot of problems both mental and physical. Amazing doctors like Dr. Kopelman and his liposuction procedure can help you immensely to get your body back and fit your clothes perfectly again. Yet stretch marks are a bane for most women, especially after they’ve given birth. However, they aren’t the only ones that suffer from the streaks. Did you know that men, and even teenagers, can also get them? 

Any time in life when our bodies change and our skins stretch, we are susceptible to showing signs of those changes. These can remain on our bodies for a long time. There’s no cause for despair, though, because mother nature has remedies that can help get rid of those lines.

Natural Oils

Several go-to oils have a host of benefits that can help to diminish stretch marks. The three most effective ones are castor, argan, and olive oil. The spidery lines are dry and shriveled. In those areas, the skin needs moisture and nourishment. Castor oil feeds the skin, helping it heal and smooth the marks over time.  

Using argan oil for stretch marks is another natural option that’s very effective. Rich in Vitamin E, it increases the elasticity of the skin. If you rub it on the stria every day, it’ll heal the broken tissue, and soon the marks will fade. 

Olive oil is the easiest remedy since most of us already have some in our kitchen cupboards. It’s full of antioxidants and has good moisturizing properties. The nutrients present in this common oil are exceptional for repairing skin damage. 

Dietary Remedies

You can’t get rid of stretch marks directly through diet, but you can improve your skin. This will help the lines appear less prominent. Drinking enough water helps to keep the skin hydrated, keeping it soft and supple. 

Getting enough Vitamin E and C is another way of improving skin condition. The added intake of vitamins increases the levels of antioxidants and helps the body to fight free radicals. It nourishes the skin and promotes the healing of scars. It all adds to the repairing of the tissue that has been stretched to reduce the marks.

Aloe Vera

This miraculous plant is famous for its regeneration and healing properties. It promotes collagen development, which is what keeps our skin from sagging, giving us the plump, youthful look. 

It’s safe to put straight on your skin from the plant or mix it with Vitamin E oil for more nourishing properties. Apply the gel to the areas where the lines appear the most, and after half an hour, wash it off.

If you do this daily, you’ll find that the affected skin eventually tightens up, and your stretch marks are lighter.

Final Thoughts

Our skin is super elastic, but sometimes it expands too fast. It’s what causes stretch marks to appear. Thanks to mother nature, some natural remedies can help reduce them. Try some argan, castor, or olive oil that nourish and repair the skin. 

Ensure that you get enough Vitamin C and E to increase the antioxidants’ levels in your body, which promotes healing of the skin. Finally, use Aloe Vera gel straight from the leaf, promoting collagen development to regenerate the dermal layer in the affected area. 

Natural remedies might take longer than chemical products to work, but the results are worth it and have no nasty side effects. 

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