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How to Book a Luxury Floating Holiday in the Andaman Sea

When a couple experience a luxury yacht charter in southern Thailand, this is not an experience easily forgotten, indeed, many people do go on to repeat the holiday, largely due to the freedom it brings when you have a luxury yacht at your disposal. Thanks to the Internet, it is not difficult to source a yacht charter company, who would have an extensive fleet of luxury yachts and catamarans, all fully crewed.

Choosing a Yacht Charter Company

The Internet is the best place to start your quest for a yacht charter and with a Google search, you can find affordable boat rentals in Phuket with Yacht Sourcing, who have stunning vessels, all fully crewed. If you have a few friends who fancy a luxury yacht holiday in the Andaman Sea, this spreads the cost and when you consider that the charter is all-inclusive, it is very reasonable. The charter company would be happy to help you plan your trip and they know all the best spots and will do their best to make your floating holiday a memorable one.

Planning your Route

Whether you want a weekend like no other, or are looking to sail the Andaman Sea for a couple of weeks, the yacht charter firm has you covered. You simply must include the Phi Phi Islands in your schedule, as this is one of the most beautiful locations in this jewel of the South of Thailand, where you can enjoy the stunning marine life in idyllic surroundings. Huge limestone cliffs rise out of the deep blue sea, creating a beautiful backdrop where you and your group can enjoy evening cocktails and a seafood menu. Here is an interesting blog about cool summer beach accessories that you might want to include in your luggage.

Similan Islands

Koh Similan, as it is known in Thai, is located off the coast of Phang Nga Province and this island is also a National Park and one of the most visited of the more than 150 National Parks in Thailand. There is a total of 11 small islands that make up the Similan Islands, with some great diving sites and beautiful reefs and the captain would show you the quiet, unseen spots that tourists do not know about. You can spend the early mornings kayaking around the small bays and coves, while a great breakfast is being prepared on the yacht, then you can head off to another venue where more excitement awaits.

Tailored to Suit the Client

You decide on every aspect of the voyage from the menu and bar, to the route and you can always change the plan at any time, as you are in the hands of a professional crew who aim to make your luxury yacht holiday unforgettable. If you have a few good friends who you think would love to join you, organise a group to spread the cost and be prepared for a truly unique experience.

There will be many people who are looking to do just that, so do book early to avoid disappointment and then you can prepare for a fantastic tropical floating holiday.

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