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How to Dress Well Sustainably

Looking good and caring about the environment don’t have to be mutually exclusive aims. Many people are now focusing more on how to protect the planet and vulnerable groups by choosing where to spend their money. A great way to enact change is to show corporations that sustainability is a priority in the market and should therefore be invested in. If you are concerned about matters of sustainability, ethics, and looking your best, keep reading to find out some useful fashion and sustainability tips.

Choose Your Materials Carefully

It can feel like a potential minefield when searching for new clothes that have as little impact on the planet as possible. On the one hand, natural materials, such as cotton, wool, and leather, come with problems regarding agriculture and cruelty, whereas synthetic materials can be less biodegradable and cause pollution. If you are looking for new pieces, research the background of the store and investigate where they source their materials before deciding whether or not to give them your money. Another benefit of being more discerning about your choice of materials is how comfortable your items of clothing will be. High-quality fabrics will feel more pleasant to wear, last for much longer, and look far better.

Consider a Store’s Ethics

Similar to the last point, how you spend your money has an impact on the economy and where big businesses decide to focus their resources. For example, if enough people start disregarding brands and companies that don’t align with their ethics, these brands will be pressured into adjusting their stance in order to maintain a healthy profit. Learn to resist impulse purchases that tempt you through clever marketing campaigns, and instead, take your time to understand the ethos of a company before investing in it.

Invest in Lasting Quality

It can be difficult to save your money for better-quality pieces when you are in need of something right away. However, if you have the opportunity to save up and find a piece that is well-made, consider it a worthwhile investment. Items that won’t wear out after two or three uses are more sustainable, as they won’t need replacing as often. For example, men’s cowboy boots that are made of good materials will be more reliable than flimsy, cheap footwear and will make more of a statement than shoes you find at fast fashion stores. Find staple pieces to add to your unique style over time and enjoy knowing that you can rely on them for years to come.

Mend Existing Pieces

Increase your skillset by teaching yourself valuable abilities such as how to mend torn clothes and remove deep stains. This way, you won’t feel as obligated to go out and find a replacement for each item when it becomes snagged or ripped. Not only does this add to your skills, but it also means that you can keep clothes for longer and watch as they move in and out of fashion. The key to an impressive style is knowing what you like and making it work for you.

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