Rogue Magazine Lifestyle A Homeowner’s Guide to Making a Backyard Mosquito-Free

A Homeowner’s Guide to Making a Backyard Mosquito-Free

A Homeowner's Guide to Making a Backyard Mosquito-Free

Mosquitos are tiny but can be very irritating and dangerous if uncontrolled. In the United States, there are 200 mosquito species out of the 3,000 worldwide. These insects are the reason behind the itchy red bumps on your skin while the females spread malaria. It makes it essential for homeowners to understand how to create a mosquito-free environment for the safety and well-being of their families.

So, let’s jump straight to how you can make your backyard mosquito-free as you prepare for summer:

Avoid Standing Water

One of the most effective approaches to control mosquitos in your compound is clearing standing water. Mosquitos use the pool of water as breeding grounds. The pool’s size is irrelevant; it can be a bottle cap with water, garbage cans, or even kiddie pools.

Standing water brings around mosquitos and is also a safety hazard. It’d help to check for saturated areas after every rainstorm to identify drainage issues before correcting them.

Keep the Grass Short

Mosquitos love hanging out in cool dark areas; tall grass makes their perfect hideout. You’ll often find them around shady areas like bushy areas, around trees, and in between tall grass. Get rid of these habitats to control the mosquito problem in your backyard by cutting the grass. Your yard also becomes less likely to have damp spots since more sunlight gets to reach your yard.

Take Advantage of Landscaping

There are several landscaping techniques that you can use to create a mosquito-free backyard. One way is using specific mosquito-repellant plants like Citronella to repel these insects naturally. These plants have strong scents that chase away mosquitos and other bugs common in US backyards. Flowers like geraniums and marigolds also do the trick and are less demanding.

Install Porch Fans

You may have seen some homeowners install fans on their porches and wondered what they were thinking. Well, fans on porches eliminate mosquitos in your backyard by creating a cool breeze. The breeze facilitates air circulation and disperses the atmosphere’s carbon dioxide, attracting bugs and insects. It also makes it more difficult for them to land.

Use Pest Control Services

In some regions, the mosquito problem is too severe that the abovementioned tips cannot solve. Pest control services provide a more practical approach to eliminating mosquitos both indoors and outdoors. The EPA has approved dozens of safe-to-use mosquito repellants but advises having trained professionals handle the fumigation.

Keep a Clean Backyard

Another practical approach to creating a mosquito-free backyard is eliminating all the unnecessary items in your yard. Most of these items hold water and build mosquito habitats close to your home. Start with any old tires; they retain water and provide warmth and shelter for mosquito breeding.

It would also help to do the following to keep your backyard clean:

  • Mow your lawn regularly
  • Trim plants, bushes, and tree branches
  • Don’t leave piles of leaves and grass clippings lying around
  • Declutter your space

All homeowners should understand the significance of having a mosquito-free backyard. It protects your family against malaria and deals with these irritating insects. Using this guide, you can also make your backyard mosquito free effortlessly.

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