Rogue Magazine Lifestyle 7 Smart Reasons to Have a Bridesmaid’s Dress Altered

7 Smart Reasons to Have a Bridesmaid’s Dress Altered

7 Smart Reasons to Have a Bridesmaid's Dress Altered

Being a bridesmaid can be an exciting responsibility to take on, and picking out a dress is perhaps the most fun task leading up to the big day. Whether you are ordering the dress online or shopping with the wedding party at a boutique, you will want to ensure that the dress fits appropriately so that you can concentrate on celebrating instead of tugging at an ill-fitted gown.

1. To Save Money

Depending on which part of the dress needs altering, having a gown altered can be cheaper than returning and ordering a new dress — especially if the seller has a strict return policy. The price of the alterations can be influenced by the number of layers the dress has, the silhouette of the dress, and even the city in which the dress was bought.

2. To Save Time

The process of browsing dresses, both in-store and online, can be taxing and time-consuming. Sending a dress back and searching for a new one may not be ideal if the wedding date is quickly approaching. A tailor should be able to estimate how soon they can have a dress ready, and relieve some of the stress of shopping for a new dress.

3. To Look Your Best

In general, clothes that are the right proportions for the wearer’s frame are most flattering. Being a bridesmaid means posing frequently for photos, many of which might end up in a permanent place on a mantle, inside of a photo album, or posted on social media. For this reason, a bridesmaid wants to look and feel her best, and the day will be more enjoyable if that is the case.

4. It’s Too Long

A bridesmaid typically takes on a list of duties, as a member of the wedding party — many of which involve a significant amount of moving and walking around. In addition to taking photos prior to the ceremony, there will likely be dancing, as well as greeting guests around the venue. Having a dress that is too long could prevent a bridesmaid from doing these tasks efficiently — and enjoying them.

5. It Fits Loosely in the Bust

Tailors are able to take in the dress, usually at the side seams, to help the dress fit more suitably over the chest and prevent it from gaping. If the bridesmaid dress is strapless, having extra room in the chest area can be uncomfortable, and may cause the dress to fall down more easily.

6. The Waist is Too Big

The chest and waist can be the most tricky areas of the body to fit, especially if they are significantly different in size. Luckily, tailors can do the same kind of altering in the waist as in the bust, and ensure that both areas are comfortable.

7. The Straps Slip Off of Your Shoulders

Fidgeting with clothing can be distracting and frustrating, and constantly adjusting a strap might be noticeable to others. However, shortening the straps of a dress is one of the easiest tasks that a tailor can undertake, and ideally, they should feel both firm and as if they are barely there. Of course, buying a bridesmaid dress with adjustable straps can dodge this issue — but that is not always an option.

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