Rogue Magazine News 5 Unique Ways to Market Your Food Truck Business

5 Unique Ways to Market Your Food Truck Business

5 Unique Ways to Market Your Food Truck Business

Running any type of business can be difficult, especially when you have to market that business. If you have a food truck operation that you are running and you would like to get the word out about your business so that it can grow, there are many unique ways that you can do that.

1. Get Your Customers to Share Your Business as Part of a Contest

One of the best options for marketing any type of business is to get your customers to share about the business and their experience with it. You can create some type of a contest where your customers have the opportunity to win free food by sharing your business with their friends. Social media is a great place for this type of contest to take place, and you might have people post pictures of food purchased through your truck in order to be entered into a drawing.

2. Create Merchandise and Sell It

There are some people who will love the food that you sell so much that they will be interested in buying merchandise from you. You might consider selling merchandise such as hats so that your best customers can promote your food truck while on the go. When you sell hats and t-shirts, your customers can go around in those items and get conversations started about your food truck and all of the food that it offers.

3. Attempt to Create a Viral Video

There are times when a company will create a video about their products and that video will go viral and the company will grow in a big way. The more fun of a video that you can create, the more likely your video is to get shared. Get together with your team and see if they have ideas of something that you could come up with that fits with current trends and might end up going viral.

4. Use Your Food’s Packaging to Market Your Business

If your food truck hands out food that is wrapped in fun colors of packaging and that includes your business’s logo on it, you will be receiving free advertising as people walk around with your food. Be careful when designing the packaging that you are going to use to wrap your food, creating special packaging that will get attention and that will make people interested in seeing what you have to offer. Some packaging will stand out so well that it will market your products even when thrown into a trash can.

5. Create a Mascot

The better that people connect with your business, the more likely they are to buy what you have to offer. You can create a mascot for your food truck business in order to get kids excited about the business and in order to help people feel a connection to the business. Your mascot can loiter around outside your food truck when you are set up and ready to do business, and it can also be involved in parades and other community events.

There are many ways that businesses have used unique marketing strategies in the past. If you are creative and willing to put in a little effort, you can find unique ways of getting the word out about your food truck.

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