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How To Style Cashmere Leggings At Any Age

Leggings are comfortable clothing staples to wear year-round while offering a stylish and fashion-forward silhouette. Women of all ages own at least one pair of leggings, perhaps even more, as they’re versatile and pair well with everything. Cashmere leggings are an example of a luxurious choice of fabric while still offering the classic form-fitting modern silhouette.

Many women, however, find that styling leggings isn’t always easy as the fabric is hardly forgiving. Moreso, selecting the wrong top or dress may contribute to a juvenile appearance rather than a professional one. Fortunately, there are many ways to use leggings as a base foundation for layering outfits without sacrificing a mature appeal.

What Are Cashmere Leggings?

Leggings offer a similar slimming silhouette that one would experience with tights. Though constructed of thicker and heavier materials, such as cashmere, leggings offer warmth and adequate protection for the cooler months of the year.

Most, if not all, leggings are skintight articles of clothing that provide full leg coverage. Ending at mid-calf or ankle length, they are easily dressed up or down and will double as casual loungewear or something more dressy for a night out.

How To Pair Quinn Cashmere Leggings For A Stylish Look

Leggings, especially ones made from quality cashmere, offer a transitional look to help go from winter to spring or fall to winter. They are perfect to wear with favorite tunics or dresses that are otherwise not appropriate for the season. For the coldest months of the year, leggings are easily paired with sweaters, sweater dresses, and ankle booties.

The number one mistake that many women of all ages make is to wear leggings as they would skinny jeans or trousers. Teenagers or young adults can make an outfit look stylish and cohesive, but older and more mature women should refrain from opting for that look. As leggings show off every curve and angle on the legs, it’s much safer and in-style to wear them as a supportive element to start layering on versus as a standalone statement.

What Brand Offers The Best Quality?

There are thousands of options to select from when it comes to cashmere leggings, but it’s also important to splurge on one pair that will hold up to regular wear. Quinn is a trusted brand name offering quality cashmere leggings that range from sizes XS to XL. Constructed of solid 100% cashmere and paired with a small amount of spandex, these leggings offer a pleasing silhouette for women of all ages and are guaranteed to hold their shape for a long time.

Hitting at just below the ankle, these comfortable leggings are perfect loungewear staples, but they are easily dressed up for date night or work. Thanks to the pure cashmere construction, they are warm and soft making them ideal for cooler climates.

Selecting The Perfect Color

As with all clothing staples, black is most often the perfect color of choice. It pairs well with everything and naturally offers a slimmer appearance. Most outfits use black as a foundation color, and the leggings sold by the trusted Quinn brand are no different! The black cashmere leggings are created for women of all sizes and are the ideal foundation layer for any number of outfit combinations.

Patterns or lighter colored leggings are perfect for summer when leg coverage is still desired but lightweight fabrics make more sense. For example, a black pair of Quinn’s double knit leggings will offer a more breathable solution for the warmer months of the year.

What To Wear With Favorite Leggings

Leggings are ideal when layered with loose-fitting tees, asymmetrical sweaters, tunics, and dresses. In fact, they are also perfect for summer dresses that normally see minimal wear year-round. Not every woman feels comfortable wearing short dresses due to a wide range of reasons, but the right leggings may make them rethink their clothing choices.

Flowy tunics or sexier crop tops can look good with leggings, granted that a more mature woman may prefer a tunic instead. Heels, ankle boots, and even sneakers are the perfect types of footwear to finish layering leggings with. Additionally, as leggings are akin to shapewear, to further create a pleasing silhouette, many will opt for longer length trench coats to pair them with.

Are Leather Leggings An Option?

If skinny jeans are out of the question, solid leather leggings can come to the rescue! Quinn Genevieve leather leggings, for example, are constructed of 100% sheep leather and offer an elastic waist for comfort fit. Offering both a sexy and fashionable look, they are easily paired with a favorite short denim or moto jacket. To amp up the sexiness for a night out, black leather is great with stiletto heels and often gives off a dressy vibe.

There are dozens of ways to style a favorite pair of leggings, but it’s always important to invest in a quality pair. From cashmere to leather to more natural fabrics, leggings are great foundation pieces for layering and are guaranteed to pull any number of outfits together seamlessly.

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