Rogue Magazine Lifestyle 5 Times When You’ll Be Thankful to Have a Savings Account

5 Times When You’ll Be Thankful to Have a Savings Account

5 Times When You'll Be Thankful to Have a Savings Account

A savings account provides the best place to put your money if you cannot get money from a bank account or need to save up for a larger purchase. You will want to be aware of all the available types of savings accounts and plans before you need to access your money. Here is a brief list of five different times when you will be grateful you have a savings account.

1. When You Need Emergency Funds

Whether you need cash if you encounter an unforeseen expense, suffer a job loss, or incur a medical expense, it is common not to have enough funds to cover the expense. This is why you need to have a savings account. Using an online savings account is one of your best options for saving up for your emergency. You can choose to have these accounts automatically transferred into your savings every time you earn extra funds. Most of these accounts are accessible from a mobile device, so you can get to them anytime you need. Setting up this type of account is easy, and when an emergency arises, you will be very thankful that you already had funds saved.

2. When You Have Plans for the Future

One of the best ways to save money is to use it to buy something big in the future, like a large purchase such as a house or car, or to put it towards your retirement fund. You will want to ensure you have enough to cover these expenses before you start spending your money. This is also a good way to try and beat the inflation rate, which is always a constant concern for those saving for the future. If you are careful about where and how you save, there is no reason why that money should not be available when it is needed in the future.

3. When Your Get Injured and Need Medical Treatment

When you get injured, it is always important to have enough money to pay for the medical expenses. Having a savings account can be a good source of funding for these emergencies, and you will be glad you saved rather than having to take out a loan or use credit cards. The cost associated with injuries can easily be forgotten. If you can set aside the money in advance, you will be much better able to deal with an unexpected situation.

4. When Your Car Breaks Down and You Need Repairs

It often happens that you will drive along, and suddenly your car will break down, and you will need to get it repaired. You must have the money saved up ahead of time to pay for the repair, and your savings account can be a good method of saving up. Just like with emergency funds, your savings account can easily be accessed from a mobile device to access funds when you need them.

5. When Life Throws You a Curve Ball

Life will throw some curve balls at you sometimes, and you will need to be able to handle unexpected situations. It can be a good idea to create a savings account to pay any unexpected expenses or bills, and having this money available while you are on the job can save you major headaches later on. Keep an emergency fund and savings account open so that you are ready whenever life throws its first curve ball your way.

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