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How to Identify Your IT Weak Spot and Make it a Strength

One thing that businesses of today have had to face, which was never a threat in the past, is cybersecurity. When running a business that mainly handles sensitive information about clients, one cannot risk it ever getting into the wrong hands or leaking, which could jeopardize your entire company’s credibility and ward off any potential customers from utilizing your service. 

It has been reported that cybersecurity now stands as one of the five major risks the world faces today, making it more critical than ever to have your business as safe and secure as it can possibly be. Statista has also reported that more than 150 million individuals in 2020 alone have had sensitive information leaked due to inadequate security measures. 

That said, here are some helpful tips to identify weak spots in your IT systems and make them a strength, thereby ensuring your business never becomes a part of the statistics. 


Outdated systems make it all too easy for cybercriminals to instigate a breach and take whatever they want from your business. Unfortunately, this is the case with many companies who have operated on the same systems for years on end, not feeling like they need to change because they’ve grown comfortable with what they have. 

But, when facing possible and devastating threats from an unknown enemy, embracing change is a much better route to take than the alternative. One way to keep your systems in check with current threats is by updating them regularly – the company’s software developers usually do this in order to renew the system’s defense and not fall behind. It’ll be much easier to spot any problem areas during these updates and eliminate them as quickly and efficiently as possible. 


It has been proven repeatedly that human error has been the cause of most cybersecurity breaches. This is due to employees not knowing any better or falling into traps laid out by cybercriminals in order to gain access to your database. All it takes is one employee giving their password unwittingly to the wrong person, and you have a breach. 

This is why it is paramount to train your employees on the importance of having a strong, hard-to-crack password, good cybersecurity etiquette, and what to do in the instance of a breach. Be sure to give ongoing training to keep their skills sharp and ensure you stay up to date with the latest trends.


If you don’t have a team of at least one person who is closely monitoring your business’s cybersecurity situation, then getting someone should be your priority. Having trained employees and updated systems are significant steps in the right direction, but knowing how to spot a potential cyber attack, the different types of attacks you can expect, and how to respond in the event of an attack can be the only weakness you need to have your business come crashing down around you. Eliminate your business’s vulnerability by having an IT company in Indiana keep a close eye on everything all the time. 

By utilizing the above steps, your business’s data will be safe and sound in no time. Even though technology has made it easier for hackers to infiltrate enterprises everywhere, you can also wield that same technology to create an unbreakable barrier for your company’s security.

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