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5 Popular Houseplants That Are Native to Asia

Want to add some color to your home? Indoor plants are the perfect way to do so!

Not only do they brighten up every room, but they are ideal for improving air quality and adding visual beauty. 

However, you may be confused as to which plants to choose. After all, there are so many options out there!

When making your decision, why not go for non-native plants this time? Yep, we’re talking about Asian plants!

Below, we share 5 of the most popular houseplants that are native to Asia – that you can grow in your home today! Let’s get into it. 

1. Spider Plant

This is famously one of the easiest plants to grow. If you’re still developing your green fingers, this is the one for you!

The spider plant is one of the cutest Asian house plants out there, as it looks like a green waterfall overflowing from the pot. It is also easy to grow and adapts to different weathers. It also doesn’t require too much care or maintenance. 

2. Bamboo

This is one of the most famous plants from Asia and a must in every home. It can be used in various ways – from sitting on desks to growing in large bunches in a pot or vase.

In addition, bamboo is considered lucky and is thought to bless every home it is grown in.

3. Kratom

This is one of the most famous plants in Asia for its pain-relieving qualities. Its bright green leaves add beauty to every space, and it proliferates quickly. 

Growing kratom indoors is also beneficial as it can be used as a therapeutic agent if treated for chronic pain. 

4. Chinese Maple

This Asian indoor plant has beautiful rust-red spiky leaves, and it is excellent for adding color to every space.

The Chinese maple grows best in warmer, sunnier climates but is easy to grow once adapted. However, it can grow to very tall heights, so watch where you place this one in your home! The garden is probably the best spot for these beautiful Asian plants!

5. Wax Plant

The wax plant is one of the most unique-looking plants out there. Its bright white, star-shaped flowers have a red center for a visually stunning effect. 

In addition, it is a highly low-maintenance plant and sturdy to boot.

The great benefit of the wax plant is that it has healing properties. It can absorb any toxins in the air, such as pollutants or toxins from gasoline or paint. 

Asian Plants Are the Perfect Way to Spice up Your Space

The popularity of Asian plants has grown in the U.S. today; it is not uncommon to see Chinese maple or bamboo growing in a household!

Asian indoor plants are great for helping a space stand out and lending life and color to your home. It’s time to get growing!

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