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How to Choose the Best Healthy Meal Delivery Services

A high-quality, healthy meal of home-cooked quality may seem out of reach. Weekly grocery shopping trips and meal prepping or nights spent cooking are simply not realistic for many. Meal kit services are here to take the stress away while ensuring you eat fresh, healthy foods.

But how do you choose healthy meal delivery services and know which one is the best? Keep reading to learn how to pick the best service for you. 

Look at the Meal Delivery Services Available in Your Area 

There are many different types of food delivery services across the nation. Some companies send you chef-created recipes and all the ingredients either frozen or chilled that you need to make them. Others send fully prepared meals that simply require reheating.  

Services are not available everywhere; primarily, if there isn’t a distribution center nearby for perishable foods. Additionally, if you have dietary restrictions, it may be hard to find food services that comply with your needs. 

Consider Dietary Needs and Modifications 

As awareness grows about how a plant-based diet can be a healthy alternative for people and the planet, more companies are offering vegan and vegetarian meals and protein. Companies like Purple Carrot are entirely plant-based. Green Chef, Freshly, and Fresh N’ Lean also have menus built for those on gluten-free diets. 

When you have more quick and easy solutions for meals, it’s easier to stick to your plan to eat healthily. Also, if you want to try cutting down on certain ingredients, the carefully catered menus offered by meal delivery services make it as simple as placing an order. 

Dinner for Two?

Meal delivery services typically cater to households with a minimum of two people. It’s more cost-effective and worth the cost and impact of shipping this way. A part of eating healthy is understanding your needs. 

If you’re dining alone, look at the serving sizes of each dish and plan accordingly. 

Check the Schedule 

One of the best features of meal delivery services is that they give you the ability to plan your meals for weeks in advance. Some companies may publish a menu each month and let you pick between different options or limit it to a catalog of staple meals during certain seasons. 

Eating healthy isn’t boring when there’s enough variety. Look here to see how competitors stack up against one another in this area and more.

Choose a Meal Delivery Company that Values Sustainability 

Meal delivery kits, especially if you buy boxes of pre-portioned, individually packaged ingredients, use a lot of single-use plastics and waste. Many big names in the industry have taken steps toward a more sustainable future by offsetting carbon emissions from shipping, using less packaging, and cutting down on food waste. 

Additionally, delivery companies like Hello Fresh are even sourcing their ingredients to local farms rather than shipping from around the country. 

The boxes that your meal kits arrive in are most often recyclable. If there is plastic packaging, check to see whether it’s able to be recycled in your community. 

Choosing Healthy Meal Delivery Services is Simple

Whether you’re looking for recipes to cook or fully prepared feasts, healthy meal delivery services are the way to go. Look for sustainable services in your area and make changes to add more plant-based options. Make sure to add some variety to your weekly or monthly meal schedule.

Remember, healthy eating doesn’t have to be boring or difficult! If you want to read more articles like this one, check out the rest of our lifestyle, health & fitness content! 

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