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Physical and Social Wellness amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic

Currently, the world is grappling with one of the most devastating crises of the decade. The coronavirus led countries to go on lockdown as everyone waits for a safe return to work. Due to the rules and regulations, while staying at home, people are not attending hospitals for checkups on other ailments. It is essential for those who are sick at home to seek urgent care and treatment. In this article, we will discuss the different ways that you and your loved ones can stay healthy amidst the pandemic.

Lifestyle tips to stay Healthy

As we are stay at home to limit our exposure to the deadly virus, the period may harm the body and mind. It is a result of not being active and engaged. Here are a few ways that we can maintain a healthy and active lifestyle at home;

Mental Wellness

As the efforts to curb the spread of the coronavirus continue, mental health is becoming a real concern. The drastic and unexpected changes in lifestyle are the main factors affecting the household during the pandemic. Coming up with a daily routine is the best way of planning the day. In the current situation, it is the best time to check out your bucket lists for activities that you can plan for while at home. Staying informed about the happening in your locality eliminates anxiety due to misinformation. It is advisable to take time off the regular news on COVID-19. Keep in touch with friends and loved ones using the available communication tools such as SMS, social media platforms, and telephone calls.

Healthy Eating

Intake of nutritious meals helps in building the body’s immune system. Improving immunity is the best way to minimizing the risk of the virus as doctors work to find a vaccine. Increase the intake of vegetables and fruits, as well as foods rich in fibre. Ensure that you cook raw meat adequately: it is advisable to eat white meat. Drinking lots of water helps in overall body health. Make sure the water that you drink is clean and safe for human consumption.


More people are finding themselves sitting down more during this period of global shutdown. It is vital to remain active by engaging in routine indoor and outdoor activities. Studies show that physical activities reduce the risk of depression and other anxiety disorders. Try and take breaks whenever you have been sitting for long. Choose a simple physical activity that you can undertake in a limited space. Light workouts are beneficial for individuals with cardiovascular conditions. On the other hand, everyone can profit from the mental and physical health that results from exercising.

Child Care and Parenting

Children may be the most affected individuals in a society due to the pandemic. Parents can help children learn about what is happening in the world. Spending time and interacting with children is the right way of bonding as a family. Engage the child with home chores as part of socializing.

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