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Helping Your Senior Loved One Stay Safe

Helping Your Senior Loved One Stay Safe

Growing older means that you face a different set of safety challenges.  Life is always throwing us curveballs, and seniors have their own set of tricks and trials to maneuver.

If you’re looking to lend a helping hand to a senior loved one in your life, asking them what they need would be the first step.  However, there are some general consistencies in the needs of seniors.  Here is a brief look at some tips on helping your senior loved one stay safe as they age.

Do a walkthrough of their home

Home should be the safest and most accommodating space in a senior’s life, but it isn’t always up to par with the need.  If you want to help your senior loved one, take a quick safety walkthrough of their home.

Assess the situation, and add safety measures wherever needed.  For instance, the bathroom could use some strong grab bars.  The kitchen could use some lower level lighting for evening water runs, and the flooring could use a good sweep for consistency.

Add security to their life

You can also help to make your beloved senior’s home safer by adding a little bit of today’s protective technology.  Ring doorbell cameras are great for knowing what’s happening at the front door, but there are other cameras you can place around the house for protective surveillance.

You can also offer your beloved senior wearable technology that will help keep them safer.  Wearable technology that monitors your loved one’s health could mean the difference between life and death if used correctly.

Check on digital security

Digital scammers and thieves prey on seniors, and your loved one is no exception to the rule. Guard your seniors with information.  The more a person knows and understands about the digital transactions they are making the safer their money will be in the long run.

Take the time to sit down with your favorite senior, and teach them how to choose strong passwords.  Teach them how to use two-factor authentication, and teach them how to spot a sketchy website.

Find the best care community

If your beloved senior is no longer fit to maintain the responsibilities of a household, they may need help finding a suitable senior living facility.  Understanding the budget, the true need, and the wishes of your senior loved one will help you along the process.

Start the search for a facility online, but don’t go making any decisions without first putting in the research.  Read through reviews, and even set up a face to face interview/tour of any prospective facilities before signing any paperwork.

Help get their affairs in order

Your loved one might need help getting their affairs in order as they age.  You’re not born with the knowledge of what to do when you are old, and having a pal beside you to help decode the mystery is a big help.

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