Rogue Magazine Health How A Medspa Can Boost Your Wellness

How A Medspa Can Boost Your Wellness

How A Medspa Can Boost Your Wellness

Medical spas, which combine the medical procedures typically found in a doctor’s office, with benefits of going to a day spa, have blossomed.  Across the world, the value of the medspa market is expected to grow from $13.82  billion in 2019, to $47.14 billion in 2030, compounding at nearly 11% a year. It’s easy to see why the demand for medspa services is exploding: they are the perfect place to get anti-aging, athletic performance and other treatments, in a relaxing, calm environment. 

Source: Statista

The Latest Technology

The best medical spa franchise will always operate with the most advanced available technology. This is done so that clients enjoy the very best experience, and have the best possible outcomes. Advanced technology also allows them to offer treatments such as laser treatments and microdermabrasion (a cosmetic skin care procedure), which would otherwise not be available. These treatments can be done quickly, and pain-free, and with quality outcomes.

A Broad Range of Treatments
Medspas are equipped to offer a broad range of treatments. As a client; you can take advantage of treatments such as medical facials, body wraps, laser hair removals, and dermatology procedures, all of which happen to be the most popular kinds of medspa treatments.

You can also get corrective medical skin care products; treatments to deal with aging skin, laser hair removal and vein, scar and stretch mark therapy.

Medspas also offer treatments such as: mild chemical peels; photorejuvenation, a skin treatment done using lasers, or photodynamic therapy, or intense pulsed light to treat skin conditions and tackle the effects of skin aging, such as spots, textures and wrinkles. If you suffer from muscle spasms, you can get that treated at a medspa using Botulinum toxin, which will be directly injected into your muscles. Botulinum toxin, or botox, stops the chemical process that leads to muscle spasms.

Medspas also offer injectable filler treatments that fill in facial wrinkles, giving you a smoother skin. Other treatments include tissue tightening, cellulite reduction and acne treatments.

They Aid in Athletic Performance

Advanced technology isn’t all that medspas are equipped with. Medspas also have amenities such as gyms, saunas, hydrotherapy pools, and may even have restaurants. Medspas aren’t just about beauty. Many athletes and sports teams use medspas to help in rest & recovery and the improvement of sporting performance.

Athletes and teams will often visit a medspa before and after a sporting event or training. Or, a medspa’s services may be used at a training camp. Athletes appreciate things like cryotherapy, massages, tapotement and other medspa services, to prepare their bodies for elite performance, and also to prevent post-play injuries and muscle soreness.


Medspas have the tranquil environments of day spas. This is important because, while doctors may be able to offer the same services as medspas, the doctor’s office is often a stressful place to be, and this makes it hard to enjoy the experience. While the end product is important, life is short, and the journey there matters. Medspas help clients enjoy the journey toward improved well being. It can even be argued that you are more likely to heal faster having undergone a treatment in a relaxing medspa environment, compared to a doctor’s office. 

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