Rogue Magazine Health 7 Reasons Why Hemp Products are Beneficial to Your Health

7 Reasons Why Hemp Products are Beneficial to Your Health

7 Reasons Why Hemp Products are Beneficial to Your Health

Hemp was previously used for medical purposes, but in recent years, it has expanded its use to other areas of health. In this article, we will explore seven specific ways that hemp products can contribute to your health and wellbeing.

1. Hemp Reduces Inflammation

The fibrils of hemp are made up of natural anti-inflammatory fibers. These fibers can be used to treat conditions associated with the unsustainability of inflammation, such as joint pain, rheumatism, and arthritis. Besides that, hemp has also been touted to relieve inflammation associated with autoimmune disorders, strep throat, and skin problems.

2. Hemp Reduces Stress

Stress is usually associated with anxiety, depression, and insomnia. Some researchers have indicated that hemp products can alleviate these conditions. The cannabinoid THC in hemp binds to the same receptors as serotonin and dopamine, which means it can help you relax more than other forms of cannabis.

3. Hemp is a Source of Essential Fatty Acids

Your body needs essential fatty acids to properly function your immune system, nervous system, and brain. Hemp products such as oil, milk, and seeds can be an excellent source of these essential fatty acids. These products are also devoid of saturated fat commonly found in animal products such as meat and dairy.

4. Boosts Your Heart’s Health

One of the primary ingredients found in hemp products is cannabidiol, better known as CBD. This compound helps reduce blood pressure by dilating the blood vessels. Besides that, CBD can also help stimulate the production of nitric oxide, a substance that triggers blood vessels to relax and widen.

5. Hemp can Nourish Your Skin

Hemp oil is used for numerous skin problems such as acne, dry skin, and psoriasis. It has been found to soothe wound-healing time, eliminate fine lines and wrinkles, and cure dry scalp and dandruff. When used regularly, hemp oil can make your complexion more supple and radiant.

In addition, hemp oil can also improve the skin’s elasticity, making it less prone to stretch marks and sagging.

6. Hemp is a Reliable Source of Protein

The protein found in hemp is known as edestin. This protein aids in building and repairing tissue, adding to the body’s ability to retain nitrogen and phosphorus. Your body needs these nutrients for muscle growth, bone development, and metabolism. Besides that, hemp seeds are rich in fats and magnesium, an essential mineral for strong bones and teeth.

7. Hemp Helps Prevent Cancer

Cannabidiol is also called CBD because it is non-psychoactive and can be used to fight chronic pain without inducing euphoria. It has also been found to prevent cell growth in various cancer cells.

Cannabidiol is currently being studied as it might help prevent tumor cell growth by inhibiting the Id-1 gene. This gene has been found to trigger breast cancer cell growth. If this can get proven, then hemp products can play a role in the augmentation of breast cancer treatment.

Although there are still mixed opinions about hemp, one thing is certain. Hemp products can aid you in attaining optimal health and wellness.

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