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Managing Your Mood Through The Next Wave of Social Distancing

The mental health impacts of social distancing have been seen. There has been an increase in substance abuse, anxiety, and depression which is no surprise when people are isolated. The next wave of social distancing is upon us with states closing businesses that are unessential. You are going to have to take a proactive approach to maintain your mood during this time. There are a number of ways to do so which can easily be researched online. You are going to need to take care of your body as well as your mind. The following are tips to manage your mood through the next wave of social distancing. 

Consistently Exercise

There might be stress during this time as you might have a job that has shut down due to distancing. Gyms have closed in certain states which can make it difficult to exercise. The winters are harsh in a number of places which makes it nearly impossible to exercise outdoors. You will see your mood lift after exercising as it helps trigger endorphins. Put yourself on a schedule whether you are doing yoga videos in your living room or are lucky enough to do a workout outside. 

Focus on Your Nutrition

You do not want to come out of social distancing being heavier than you ever have. You will see your mood lift as you start eating in a healthier manner. You have extra time at home so it shouldn’t be too difficult to prep meals that are not only nutritious but also taste great. If you are unsure how to cook in a healthier way, there are so many guides online that can be a huge help. Try starting a nutrition challenge as these can help jumpstart your healthier eating habits. Most of these challenges are far more strict than you would eat regularly. You can use this time to perfect a few recipes that you can whip up quickly that are extremely good for you. 

Consider Supplementing With CBD 

CBD has a positive impact on people that are suffering from anxiety. CBD gifts and bundles can be perfect for someone you know that is struggling during this holiday season. CBD also has positive impacts on joints along with a number of other ailments. You will find the dosage that works for you through trial and error. CBD is something that could change your life if you have trouble with anxiety or even joint pain. 

Meditate Daily 

Taking the time to unwind with meditation is a great way to destress and put your day into perspective. A number of people have turned to alcohol with some manufacturers having concerns about running out of cans. Find a quiet place in your home that you can achieve peace. You can burn incense or have music that calms you during this time. Guided meditation can be a great place to start if you are unsure about how you should be meditating. 

Social distancing is rough on nearly everyone with people needing contact. Dedicate time daily to make sure you are not a walking ball of stress.

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