Rogue Magazine Features 12 Secrets About Applying and Removing Press on Nails

12 Secrets About Applying and Removing Press on Nails

Having gorgeous press on nails makes your nails look gorgeous. They are a wonderful way to extend your style. However, applying and removing press on nails isn’t always as much fun as wearing them.

Applying and removing your press on nails does take some time, but it doesn’t have to be a pain, and it doesn’t have to damage your nails. Here are some secrets for applying and removing press on nails. 

Applying Press On Nails

Applying your nails correctly is essential to making them look good on and getting them off smoothly. Here is how to apply your press on nails well. 

1. Choose the right size. Nails that are too small look artificial, while nails that are too big can hurt your fingers or won’t fit well. Be careful to pick sizes that fit just right, whether you want to cover the entire natural nail or only half of it. 

2. Prep your natural nail. Prepping your natural nail well before applying the false nails helps to secure a firm bond between the nails. Any oil or debris between the natural and artificial nail interfere with the connection. Wash your nails thoroughly and use alcohol to get rid of trace moisture and oil before applying nails. 

3. Apply adhesive thoroughly. Whether you use glue or tape, be sure to thoroughly cover the surface with a thin layer so that every inch of the nail is covered, but no adhesive squeezes out under the nail. 

Keeping Press on Nails Looking Good

The longer that you can go between applying and removing your artificial nails, the better. Here are some tips to keep you from having to redo your nails every week. 

4. Choose quality nails. The best glue on nails last longer without chipping or separating from your natural nails. You don’t have to pay an arm and a leg for great nails, but you should choose quality to make your efforts last. 

5. Avoid hot water. Hot water tends to loosen the adhesive, which can make nails unfix or break apart faster. 

6. Protect your nails from chemicals. Harsh chemicals alter the chemistry of your nails, which can make them decay faster. Use gloves or avoid chemicals to protect your nails. 

7. Treat your nails gently. Any hard bumps or scratches can hurt your press on nails and shorten their lifespans. Treat your nails gently to make them last longer. 

Remove Press on Nails

Many people choose to have press on nails removed at the salon, but it is easy to many of them at home too. Here are a few tips for effectively removing press on nails. 

8. Soak in hot water. Hot water loosens the adhesive, so soak your nails in water as hot as you can stand for about five minutes for tape and ten minutes for glue. 

9. Soak in acetone-based nail polish remover. Dry your hands and then soak your nails in a glass or ceramic bowl with acetone-based nail polish remover. 

10. Remove nails. Don’t pull the nails off before they fall off easily. Doing so can remove layers of the natural nail and do significant damage. Gently prod the nails and keep soaking until they come off by themselves. 

11. Buff nails. Use a file to buff any extra adhesive from your nails, being gentle and careful not to damage the nails or the cuticles. 

12. Moisturize. This treatment, while not damaging, will dry your nails and cuticles. Thoroughly moisturize your nails, cuticles, and hands to hydrate your nails and skin. 

Don’t be Afraid to Enjoy Press on Nails

If you’ve hesitated to use press on nails because you worry that it will be too much trouble to put them on and take them off, try using these secrets. You may find that press on nails are easier than you think. 

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