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How You Can Get into the Best Shape of Your Life From Home

The Coronavirus has impacted a number of people in their fitness. The closure of gyms around the world forced people to get more creative. There are gyms that are reopened but are enforcing social distancing norms. If you love working out in a circuit training type of environment, this might not be an option as you have to respect spacing. Other gyms require masks during workouts which you simply might not want to do. Working out from home and getting into the best shape of your life without the gym will take dedication but can be a fun transformation. Below are tips to get into the best shape of your life from home.

Invest in Home Fitness Equipment

Home fitness equipment is going to be required so you will need some space to store these items. A basement can be a great space to create a home gym in. The banging of the weights will be minimized due to sound insulation of basements which is usually great. Cardio machines like a treadmill or stationary bike can easily be found for purchase online. Being able to knock out a cardio routine before work or on the weekend will start showing results quickly.

Weights might be a big part of your fitness routine or you simply enjoy lifting as a form of exercise. Creation of a gym can be tough inside of the home but a craftsman style shed could be the answer. Rubber matting can help reduce damage to the floors and make a point of racking your weights instead of dropping them. Weights can be expensive so make sure that you budget accordingly.

Prep Healthy Meals/Use Quality Ingredients

The extra time that a number of people have due to lack of commute can be used to meal prep. While this might not be the most fun usage of your time it is time that will be spent improving your health. Prepping healthy meals that you can throw in the oven for a few minutes provides convenience. Resorting to delivery options or takeout rarely is accompanied by good dietary decisions. Quality ingredients should be a priority as well as quality food simply tastes better. There are a multitude of easy recipes online that can provide a healthy yet delicious meal with just a little work.

Sprints Can Help You Lose Weight

There is a simple way to lose weight through doing short sprints repeatedly. Doing a 45 second sprint followed by a few minutes rest then repeating this 10 times is a perfect example. Staying active during the rest phase is also essential in help maintain heartrate and deal with lactic acid buildup in the muscle. The toughest part of this workout is finding a location where you can complete it without looking like a complete maniac. Hill sprints can also be a great exercise to build up your legs while helping you lose weight. Professional athletes do sand hill sprints during the offseason in order to condition.

You do not need access to the gym to get into the best shape of your life. Take a proactive approach to your health and fitness to come out of the pandemic as healthy as ever. 

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