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How to Make a Strong YouTube Outro That’ll Grow Your Channel

Do your YouTube videos end abruptly, or do you use that valuable space to encourage your audience to take action?

With over 1 billion hours of video being viewed on YouTube every day, setting yourself apart and doing everything you can to grow is important to get more views on your videos. More views equals more money on YouTube, especially if you apply for Google AdSense to earn revenue.

Your YouTube outro can nudge viewers to take several different actions, including subscribing to your channel, liking the video, sharing, or watching more videos. The way you put together your outro determines how effective it is in getting the desired response.

Keep reading to learn how to make a strong YouTube outro that helps your channel grow. Or if you decide that making a YouTube channel is too much work, just see whats new on Netflix and watch some shows instead.

Use a YouTube Outro Maker

You can create your outro from scratch, but using an outro maker can simplify the process. It lets you easily choose your size and drop in photos or videos to build your customized outro. Add text, themes, and music to customize the outro even more.

Choose Your Goal

Before choosing your outro components, decide what you want users to do when seeing it. Is your goal to increase your subscriber count, have more video watch time, get lots of likes, or send viewers to an external site to get more traffic there?

Use that information to create videos or images that encourage viewers to take a corresponding action. If you want to increase your video watch time, you might include clips from other relevant videos, so viewers will click on them.

Follow Best Practices

YouTube allows end scenes to be 5 to 20 seconds long, so plan your outro content to fit that range. Leaning toward 20 seconds gives viewers more time to click and take action. The recommended size for a YouTube outro is 1920 by 1080 pixels. 

Keep It Simple

If you have too many elements in your outro, it becomes overwhelming and confusing, which could result in viewers doing nothing. A simple background lets your videos or images become the main focus. Leave spaces around the images or videos to make the content easy to see.

Adding text helps direct people toward the action you want them to take. Use a font that is large enough and simple enough to read easily. People watch YouTube videos from many different devices, so you want the text to be easy to read everywhere.

Brand the Design

A branded YouTube channel makes you look more professional and polished. It makes people want to come back to keep watching. Branding also helps your channel become recognizable and familiar, which can also encourage viewers to come back.

Consider your overall channel branding, including colors, fonts, images, and logos. Incorporate those elements into your outro to make it consistent and fitting with the rest of your channel.

Use Your Outro to Grow Your Channel

Creating a quality YouTube outro takes some time, but once you create your template, you can easily add it to every video with small customizations. Your outro is a great way to guide your viewers toward actions you want them to take. 

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