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Top Social Networks for Photographers

Social Media platforms are one of the best places for photographers to be at, because they can get their work displayed to the audience throughout the world. You can create a portfolio that features your work and get a lot of appreciation or feedback from fellow photographers. One can use relevant hashtags and tags for their clicks and then see the magic and power of social media.

Apart from that, one can stay in touch with the latest trends and techniques that are taking place round the clock. For instance, there is the bokeh technique. Many experts post their work and techniques and a step by step process of how to get the perfect bokeh. Also, many experts in the field use social media platforms to get in touch with their clients and students. They mainly use Facebook groups to get this done and charge for it. This gives their clients value as they can get in touch with the experts and other students who are part of the group. You can use the high-speed internet service by Spectrum along with the Spectrum Select Package to get up and close with the places and experts that you can follow. These places can help you test your skills in photography and follow the footsteps of these accomplished individuals. Here are a few social media platforms that you can use as a photographer:


This is a high-end social media platform that has some amazing content. The place is home to many experts and mentors of photography whom you can follow. It is not only a social media platform for people who are associated with photography but can help you get a lot covered. You can share pictures and interact with people. If you are a professional photographer, this is the right place for you because you might not come across any amateurs here. You can pay a certain amount to get your place there and enjoy all the perks of being on Youpic. Apart from sharing pictures, you can also get your hands on some tutorials from some known photographers and sell your work or service as well.


If you want to give a boost to your photography business, then Pinterest can become your ticket to more clients and more recognitions. It might not look like something interesting or a place that can help you much but it is one of the best places for professional photographers to showcase their work. Pinterest doesn’t focus on how many likes you might get, but it displays your work and yourself to potential clients by using backlinks. When you post your pictures on Pinterest, you help other users to your website and discover more services that you offer. You can find many wedding photographers and many photographers who cover events use Pinterest to look for potential clients.

This social platform helps you tell your story regarding photography to the world. It is one of the best platforms where you can use text and pictures to display to the world. When you are using you will almost feel that you are reading from an online magazine because of the pictures that are bigger in size and the fonts are easier to read as well. It also gives out a more professional look and a clean layout. You can use the free version of the platform but if you are using the paid version you can use additional features of the platform.


This is a microblogging website that allows photographers to share their content so that other people can reblog them using a very easy process. Photography displayed on Tumblr was a lot more youthful and experimental than photography that you see on other social media websites. Many people used to find Tumblr more useful especially teenagers and still after 11 years many photographers share their content and consider Tumblr to be the best place to start with. 

Vero Social

This is one of the new players in the race of social media where you can find more options to get recognized as a photographer and beat other platforms like Instagram and Facebook. The user interface of this platform is quite refreshing and helps you display your pictures in HD quality. This will help your potential clients and other people in your circle to see the real quality and beauty of your work. Vero Social gets you clean feed so that you can have a look at the images on the full screen. It is for users who belong to all levels of proficiency which means you can find beginners, amateurs and professionals as well. Apart from that, if you are a music lover or if you want to just socialize, then you can use Vero Social as well.

Key Takeaways

Social platforms provide users the best places to find inspirations and learn new things. For people looking for new talents, these platforms are one of the ways to explore new people to work with. Even people who are running event management and brands can get the best candidates who can work for them. Also, these platforms are a great way to learn new tricks and some new skills from experts. You must know which social platform is going to work for you.

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