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6 Tips to Longer Lashes

Big, long, thick lashes are in. But not everyone can be gifted with long luscious lashes. That goes double if you have thin blonde eyelashes that are tough to see. For the rest of us, we have to make do with what God gave us.

Thankfully. There are a lot of things you can do to make your lashes longer and more elegant. Here are some of our favorite tips on how to get longer lashes. 

1. Use False Lashes

The easiest way to get longer lashes is to just use a pair of falsies. Fake lashes are great when you need one-off long lashes that you can remove later. The best thing about false lashes is that there are so many colors, thicknesses, textures, and more to choose from. 

You can use either individual lashes or strip lashes. Stirp lashes are usually easier to apply and take off, but individual lashes can give a more dynamic feathered look. Either way, strip and individual lashes are an easy and convenient way to get longer lashes. You can also reuse false lashes most of the time. 

2. Wipe the Mascara Wand Tip

Most of the time when you pull the wand out of the mascara bottle, it has more than you need on the tip. Wipe away any excess mascara before you start applying. Leaving lots of mascara on your eyelashes is how you get clumped greasy lashes. Wipe off that excess and you can get that elegant, feathery look that is all the rage. You will also use less mascara so your tube will last longer. 

3. Use an Eyelash Curler

A super simple clamp eyelash curler might be all you need to give some definition above your eyes. Clamp curlers are really cheap, super easy to use, and have good curling effects when used properly. Simply curling your lashes at the outset can drastically thicken them. 

Quick word of advice though: Make sure you use a clamp curler before you apply mascara. Using a clamp curler after applying can actually chop your lashes right off, then you never get the long look that you want.  

There are also heated curlers you can use too. These work much like a normal hair curler. Add a little bit of heat and the lashes retain a nice curvy and fluttery look. 

4. Thicker Mascara at Base

When applying mascara, try to apply thicker at the base and taper off to the top. This will make the bases of your lashes look thicker and give the ends a more wispy, defined look. Start with the want at the base of your lashes and wiggle them back and forth as you apply upward. You will have darkened lids and a more pronounced contrast between lids and lashes. 

5. Use a Curved Wand

Here is an interesting bit of info: Your lash lines are definitely curved, but most mascara wands are straight. What gives? If you want the most even and natural coverage, then a curved mascara wand is the way to go. 

If you can’t find a curved wand, then you can slightly bend your wand. Just don’t overdo it or else you may snap the wand in two. This is a good technique if you use disposable wands. You can just bend them and get rid of them later. 

6. Use a Water-Resistant Formula

Mascara can blanch and bleed on warm, muggy days. This is because mascara contains a lot of water. So, when it is humid outside, it can start to run, making your lashes fall. 

To beat the heat, use a water-resistant mascara. Water-resistant mascaras dry quicker and won’t be so vulnerable to heat and moisture. 

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