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5 Things to Consider Before Buying a Gun Safe

Are you in the market for a gun safe? Gun safes are necessary for every gun owner to be able to store all of your guns in one place and protect against potential burglars or in the event of a fire. There are a few things you should consider when looking for one, such as: the type of guns you want to store, how many you need to store, and where you want to put the gun safe. Read on for our top 5 things you should consider before purchasing a new gun safe. 


The first thing you should decide on is how many guns and what type of guns you are wanting to secure. Are you going to be storing hunting rifles or pistols in your safe? The size of the safe you need will direct your search. Also, consider how many guns you want to store in your safe or if you will have new guns in the future that you will need to store. If you are planning on buying more guns, it will be better to buy a bigger safe now so you are ready to store them. You don’t want to buy a new gun you need to store only to realize it won’t fit with your other guns in your safe after you get home with it.


The next thing you will want to take into consideration is where you want to put the safe. If you have it in your home, you should measure the area you are going to put it to know how big of a safe will fit. If you want a safe that is mobile, a great place to store your guns while on the road is a car gun safe. These can be easily hidden by fitting under seats or in your center console. There are also a variety of truck gun safes that you can use to store an everyday carry gun or a hunting rifle for your next hunting trip. By having a gun safe in your vehicle, you can rest assured that the guns, and more importantly the people you are with, are safe through your entire trip. 


What kind of security system you want on your safe is something else you need to consider. If this is a gun that you are accessing everyday, you will want a safe that you can quickly open. Codes, for example, take longer to get into than using a fingerprint scanner. A fingerprint scanner is quick to use and is very secure as you are the only person that can get into the safe. If you have expensive guns in the safe, you want to focus more on the level of security that the safe provides. 


What material the safe is made of will affect how secure it is against potential burglars and fire. This will also affect the weight of the safe. Heavy safes are harder to initially install in your home but are much more difficult for someone to steal. The more fire protection the safe has the more expensive it will be. We recommend buying the safe with the highest fire protection that you can afford. 


The price of your safe is determined by the size and quality of your safe. Although it can be tempting to buy a cheaper safe to save money, consider first the downside of if someone was able to gain access into your safe. If you have many expensive guns in your safe, you want to spend extra on a security system that will keep them out of unwanted hands. 

Once you have all of these things considered, it’s time to go find the perfect safe for you. A high quality gun safe will be able to keep your guns and family protected for many years to come. 

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