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4 Practical Tips for Effective Writing

More than anything else, the current generation’s power lies in the information it actively shares. Blogs and microblogs play a significant role in consumers’ life to make a purchase decision. Did you know that most bloggers swear by the quality of the content? They say it is the most notable factor for success.

Currently, there are approx. over 600 million blogs out of 1.7 billion websites. The number keeps growing and improving with each passing day. Then, how to create a blog that appeals to the masses? It is not just about what the content is about but how you produce and market the content. Here are some tips and tricks that might just help you out,

Drafts and research

Before you begin to write about any topic in the world, you need to know what you’re writing and the point of view it will be considered. Have a rough book by your desk and just scribble all the ideas that come to your mind. Always remember, no idea is a bad idea. 

With in-depth research, one can modify the idea that suits the requirement. Once you have a picture of the content, begin to read about the given topic. Gather as much information as possible to have enough understanding about how you wish to shape your content. Everyone needs the inspiration to write, and only through research and thorough reading can one get what they need.

Write right

The average time a blogger takes to write one blog post is around 4 hours. You don’t have to stress yourself if you aren’t there yet. Each blogger has their own style and pace of writing. Consider writing in a distraction-free zone. It is easy for the mind to waver around with just a bing on your phone.

A distraction-free area helps you focus on what to write and to write right. Keep the content simple and easy to understand for any layman reader. It is again pretty smooth to deviate from the topic. Write your plot in advance on a sticky note and then it becomes easy to follow it and stay true to the original content. Keep the sentences straight, direct and crisp!

How to market?

97% of bloggers use online marketing as a means to promote their blog posts. The intention is to reach out to as many people as possible. But reaching out to the masses doesn’t mean spreading yourself thin on all the social media. Pick and choose the platforms that suit you best and post religiously.

The key is to upload at least one blog post at regular intervals for the internet’s algorithm to pick you up and showcase it to a different set of audiences. You can also choose to market via email that is considered to be the most effective means. But gathering the contacts becomes a task. To solve this concern provides a plethora of email contacts at your service. It also comes with a chrome extension to your Linkedin account. So, accessing LinkedIn email contacts becomes a piece of cake.

Read and proofread

The more you read, the better you become at your vocabulary as well as creative writing. Reading opens you up to a different world of writers and their style of literature. So, it is suggested to read a lot when it comes to content writing. 

While researching helps you gather the information, reading lets you access the knowledge of creative composition. And when you write the content. It is absolutely necessary to re-read what you’ve written. There are 2 main reasons for it. You get to know if there are any flaws and allow you to make changes if need be. The essence here is to provide the best of your output and proofreading helps you just with the same.


Whether you’re just starting into the content writing business or have lingered around for a while, these points are the golden ones to remember. Even the experienced ones sometimes need a reiteration of these basic rules. 

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