Rogue Magazine News How to Teach Children About Gun Safety

How to Teach Children About Gun Safety

How to Teach Children About Gun Safety

As an adult, you might enjoy having a gun around for recreation purposes or just to protect your home. However, you need to be careful if you have children around.

A child with a gun might end up accidentally injuring you, themselves, or another family member. Even worse, it’s easy for a child to accidentally kill someone.

You need to protect your family by teaching children the rights and wrongs of gun safety. This is just some of the advice you need to be teaching.


First, you’ll want to make sure that your guns are locked up around your home at all times. This means getting a safe, gun vault, or anything else that can be used with a secure padlock.

After that, make sure that you keep your keys in a location where you’re only able to access them. Just teach your children to never go into any of your locked belongings in case they end up finding the keys.

Friend or Family Member’s Home

Your children might run into a scenario where they end up going into a house of someone who own’s a gun. Regardless of how they have their gun secured, you need to teach your children to never touch any gun they see.

You’ll also want to teach your children to speak up to you if they feel like someone is improbably storing their gun, potentially leading them to danger. From there, you can decide to block your child from ever going to that house again.


In the case that your child reaches your gun, you don’t want them to be able to use it. You can solve this issue by hiding your ammo separate from your gun.

Just like a gun, you’ll want to keep ammo in some sort of security container. Just make sure that you keep it separate from whatever you held your gun in, or it’s pointless.

Additionally, make sure that your guns are always clear of ammo before you put them away. It can be quite dangerous for you and your children if you have a gun lying around loaded.

Telling a Parent

A scenario may occur where your children end up finding a gun around your home where it’s not supposed to be. Their first instinct might be to grab it and give it to you.

To be a responsible parent, you need to tell your children to never pick up a gun in any scenario. Your children should be taught to immediately go to you whenever they find a gun and tell you exactly where to find it. From there, you’ll want to pick up the gun and make sure your children aren’t around at the time so no accidents occur.

Once you’re done proofing your home and teaching your children this information, you should be much safer. Just ensure that you’re always keeping up with security protocols, never giving your children the chance to pick up a gun once.

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