Rogue Magazine News A Guide to How a Construction Shredder Works

A Guide to How a Construction Shredder Works

A Guide to How a Construction Shredder Works

A construction shredder is a powerful, heavy-duty machine that can easily tear through wood, metal, and concrete. This article will discuss how a construction shredder works and how it can be of use to the construction industry.

  1. Rotor

The rotor is the part of the shredder that grinds up the material fed into it. While many construction site owners prefer to use a construction shredder from a company like New Way Corp, many construction sites still use their shredders and contractors hired by the owners of construction sites to power those machines. The rotor works by pushing the material against a grinder disk. When the disk is pushed against the metal, it is shredded and ground down into small pieces that can be recycled or used another way.

  1. Gear Box

The gearbox of the shredder house a chain, which is similar to an automobile’s transmission. When the motor starts, it turns the shaft, which rotates the rest of the mechanism inside it. The motor uses this shaft to turn into a gearbox and engage and disengage each of the different parts that make up the machine.

  1. Cooling Fan

The purpose of the cooling fan is to keep the motor and other moving parts of a construction shredder cool. Without a cooling fan, some of the parts can become too hot and melt, which can cause damage to the entire machine. The fan can be noisy, but it is an important part of the machine.

4. Power Systems

The power systems are what power the motor. In most cases, this is an AC generator. The generator provides electricity to the motor and uses that electricity to power everything else. In most cases, this electricity is then wired to or from an outlet in the machine. Most construction shredders are designed to have a manual switch that allows the operator to turn off their engine if they need to store a part in the machine. This can be helpful if the operator is waiting for other materials and it is necessary to wait before starting back up again.

5. Feeding System

The feeding system manages how much material is fed into the machine. The construction companies that use these machines typically use chain feeders to feed the machines. Construction shredders can also be equipped with automatic chain feeders, which can measure and store up to 30 feet of material fed in at a time. These construction shredders are equipped with sensors, which monitor how fast the material is feeding into them, preventing too much or too little material from entering at one time.

6. Belt

The machine’s shaft is connected to a belt that is used to rotate the shaft. This belt can generate force, which is then transferred into the forward motion of the shredder’s rotor. As this belt rotates, you can also use it to send different materials at different speeds through the shredder.

7. Electric Motors

The electric motor is used to power the entire machine. The motor also works with the power system to provide electricity to all of the different parts of the machine. Various electric motors can be used, depending on the needs of a construction site and what kind of materials need to be shredded. The large motors can use higher voltage electricity, but they can also be much louder and require a lot more maintenance. The smaller motors are usually much quieter, but they are usually only intended for shredding small amounts of material.

Whether you are using your construction shredder or one that your company uses, it is important to operate them correctly. If the construction shredder is not kept clean and free from debris, it can damage the parts and make them unusable.

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