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The Ultimate Wedding Checklist: Cover Everything

If you are planning to tie the knot in 2021, there is a lot to organise and this means you can easily overlook something. Of course, you do have your partner to help with the arrangements and some couples are fortunate enough to have their parents chip in, which really can make a difference. We created our own wedding checklist to help ensure than nothing gets forgotten and hopefully, the wedding will be one to be remembered for all the right reasons.

  • The Rings – Imagine if the best man misplaced the ring! It does happen, so do remind the best man of his responsibilities, especially on the morning of the wedding.
  • The Invitations – These need to be professionally printed and sent out in good time, which enables people to organise their social calendar. Do include a map to the venue, as not all your guests will be familiar with the area and if you have any special dress code information, make sure this is included.
  • The Venue – Perhaps the most important decision of all is the venue for the wedding reception and with the best food in Sydney by Catalina Rose Bay, you have a classy establishment that is set up to handle wedding parties. This means most things will be handled by the venue’s event manager and that leaves you free to focus on the honeymoon and other aspects of the big day.
  • Video & Photography – Of course, you want a professionally made video of your wedding day, along with many still images and resist the temptation to ask a friend to handle the photos, as this puts a lot of pressure on a person and if it all goes wrong, it would become a problem. Search online for a local photographer who does weddings and make sure you have at least one face-to-face meeting before the big day. Of course, you want to look your best on this special day, so make sure you are working out a few months prior to the big day.
  • Transport – The bride would likely arrive in a white limousine and perhaps your best friend could drive you in that custom classic car, which could also be used to whisk you away to the airport for the honeymoon. Many guests will refrain from driving home, so make sure there is adequate parking space at the reception venue.
  • The Entertainment – If you don’t fancy the live entertainment provided by the venue, search online for a local DJ and for a reasonable cost, you and your guests can dance until the sun rises. Hiring a DJ is the perfect solution and he or she would be happy to play requests and can prepare playlists based on your recommendations.
  • The Menu & Beverages – Again, the venue should have you covered with both of these and whether you foot the entire drinks bill or leave an amount behind the bar, after which, people pay for their own drinks, you need to make an agreement with the venue management. You might want to remind everyone about the drinking and driving laws in Australia, which are very strict.

If you have picked a dry day, your wedding should be an event that is the highlight of your lives and with everything prepared and ready to go, you and your partner can celebrate in style with family and friends.

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