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Catching Up on DC’s Stargirl

When you have time to watch TV, it’s tempting to put on your favorite episodes of an old sitcom or another show that’s comforting to you. While this is a good strategy for when you need to decompress, it’s also a good idea to shake up your viewing material. For your next venture into new shows, consider binging on Stargirl, a new DC series with a growing and enthusiastic audience.

Who Is Stargirl?

The series, which is executive-produced by Geoff Johns, centers around a high school sophomore named Courtney Whitmore. Courtney, who soon takes on Stargirl’s identity, is struggling to come to terms with her mom’s remarriage. Not only does Pat Dugan introduce Mike, his annoying son, into Courtney’s already tumultous life, but he and her mother, Barbara, decide to move to Nebraska. Missing Los Angeles and her old life, Courtney has a terrible first day at her new school. But her life starts to look up when she finds a strange staff in her basement. Known as the Cosmic Staff, this tool used to belong to Starman, who was an ally of Courtney’s stepfather. As Courtney learns about the staff and her stepfather’s role in the Justice Society of America, she begins to realize her place in the world of superheroes.

What Happened Before Stargirl?

If you’ve never watched a DC show or read a comic in this universe before, Stargirl comes with plenty of backstory. The new series takes place ten years after the Injustice Society of America (ISA) defeated the JSA, killing Starman and many other heroes. Pat Dugan, whose alter-ego is Stripesy, lives in hiding and keeps his former life secret as long as possible. Because most of the JSA heroes are dead or unable to help, it’s up to Courtney to create a new league of heroes to take on the notorious and evil ISA.

Who Stars in the Show?

Brec Bassinger steps into the role of Courtney Whitmore and is joined by Amy Smart as Barbara Whitmore and Luke Wilson as Pat Dugan. Trae Romano completes their family unit as Mike Dugan. A variety of young actors and actresses join the cast as Courtney’s friends and allies:

·       Anjelika Washington as Beth Chapel and Doctor Mid-Nite II

·       Cameron Gellman as Rick Tyler and Hourman II

·       Yvette Monreal as Yolanda Montez and Wildcat II

·       Hunter Sansone as Cameron Mahkent

A wide range of villains fight these heroes:

·       Neil Jackson as Jordan Mahkent and Icicle

·       Meg DeLacy as Cindy Burman

·       Jake Austin Walker as Henry King Jr.

With a combination of experienced TV leads and rising stars, you’re sure to find your new favorite actor or actress while binging Stargirl.

Although only one season of the series has aired so far, a new one is expected to come in 2021. The first season, which came out in July 2020, has 13 episodes, each of which is around 45 minutes long. Head over to The CW or the streaming service of your choice to catch these episodes before the new season drops, and be ready for the fun and adventure to come.

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