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Sustainable Decor For The Holidays

In order to have the best decorations for the holiday season, it’s best if they are sustainable. Helen Lee Schifter enjoys using sustainable decor during the holidays. By using solar power string lights a person can not only save a lot on energy bills but also the planet. These lights are great for those who use a lot of string lights during the holiday season. In addition, these can be used year round without any cost to people because there is zero waste and zeo electricity used. These lights need about six to twelve hours of exposure and they can be found in a variety of colors and textures. Getting a real tree rather than a plastic tree is much more sustainable. By doing so, a family can throw the tree away when it’s done which is great for composting and the soil. Plastic trees are usually thrown out when they are overused which can result in causing more waste in landfills. If a person cannot find these solar lights ten going to a thrift store like GoodWill or Savers, might be the best idea. Usually they have flights that can be reused instead of prepurching ones from major brand name stores. When a person goes to a second hand store, there are many decorations that can be reused or repurposed for many other people. It’s a beautiful way to stay sustainable during the holidays and decrease the amount of money spent on non-sustainable, or plastic decorations. 

By having dried fruit ornaments, people can have fragrant and luxurious looking decor. Once they are finished they can throw out or reside the next year. It refrains from using plastic ornaments. Overall, there are many other ways to have a reusable holiday experience. Many forget that signature as a decoration is a great way to have sustainable decor. Of course, dried fruit is always an option, but having pumpkins for the fall season allows people to use them as a colorful treat. Picking up leaves, agorism, pine cones, and even bark from various outside locations are great for people who want centerpieces in their homes. Natural dried flowers make great for wreaths and centerpieces as well. There are so many opportunities to enhance a person’s decor in sustainable and natural ways. Also, coir is a sustainable material that is made out of coconut husks. It can be great for those looking for seasonal doormats or distortions.  Seagrass baskets are also a beautiful feature to have in people’s homes. It is zero waste and many stores like Tonkin Handicraft have wonder varieties of seagrass baskets. As the more sustainable brands get developed, people like Helen Lee Schifter are excited about making a purchase. Supporting sustainable techniques is the way the suture of holiday decor will go. There are so many artists that are sustainable and highly value having zero waste decor. 

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