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Staying Safe: Preparing and Recovering From a Natural Disaster

The stress that those involved in a natural disaster feel is almost unmatched. The unknown aspect of a massive hurricane coming directly towards your city leads to massive evacuations. The importance of staying safe during these times cannot be overstated. Lives can be at risk if evacuation orders are not followed which can include emergency personnel trying to save those that refused to evacuate. Staying safe and recovering after a natural disaster will take proactivity and hard work. The following are tips to recover and stay safe during a natural disaster. 

Evacuate If Told To Do So 

Evacuation orders can come in the middle of the night which a number of people in the California wildfires learned. The public safety administration in the area is not telling you to evacuate because it is inconvenient. Flooding and fires can be unpredictable which is important to note. Take the time to understand your evacuation routes if the time comes so you are not scrambling at the last minute. Your children should also know what to do in times of emergency so make sure to educate them on this. 

Turn The Power Off To Your Home 

The last thing a family wants after returning home after a flood is the potential to be electrocuted. Flooding can get into outlets which can be deadly if entering a home with live electricity. People that are from areas with flooding or frequent hurricanes understand the importance of this. If involved in a flood, putting valuables as high up as possible is important. This could include important documents or family heirlooms that cannot be replaced. 

Get Out of the Area If Possible 

Floridians understand when a hurricane is approaching and what has to be done. Prepping your home is important but then it could be time to venture to another part of the country. Doing this on the roads can be impossible as you will likely encounter hours of gridlock. Getting out of harm’s way is important especially if you have young children. There are plenty of cheap flights around the country that can turn your natural disaster into a nice vacation.

Do a Damage Assessment When You Return 

If you were forced to evacuate, you could be coming back to a plethora of issues with your home. Whether you need your roof fixed or well pump repair, you should call professionals ASAP. There could be a huge influx of calls to these professionals and you want your repairs to be done quickly. The home insurance company that you have will also need photos and a list of what was damaged. Unfortunately, the facts are that these companies can take years to pay some claims out. There are class-action lawsuits targeting certain insurance companies due to this failure to pay in a timely manner.

Natural disasters are a part of life for people across the country. Prepping for these disasters is imperative even if you are just planning on waiting through a hurricane which is common. Keep your family safe through preparation and keep a positive attitude through the recovery process.

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