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River Rafting: A Great Family Adventure

Your heart pounds. Flecks of water hit your face as you fly with the current. Your guide shouts, “Paddle!” and you obey, vigorously propelling your raft forward, working together to dodge rocks and stay afloat.

Nothing gives you an adrenaline rush quite like the one you get on an outdoor adventure

Rafting can consist of a relaxing float down a calm river, or it can be an adventurous excursion traversing whitewater rapids. Either way, it makes for a fun-filled adventure for the entire family, and a great opportunity to bond with each other, get a little exercise, and spend some time in nature.

Safety First

If you’re thinking of planning a rafting trip, it’s important to take a few essential steps to make sure that you and your family stay safe. 

Firstly, know your group. Know how well everyone swims, and how well they’ll be able to follow instructions, and plan the excursion around this. If you’re not an experienced paddler or a super strong swimmer, it’s best to go out on a calm, rapid-free river. Do lots of research and have everyone practice what to do if they fall out of the raft.

Currents – even in relatively calm rivers – can be stronger than you’d expect, so make sure that everyone wears a life jacket or personal floatation device at all times, regardless of swimming ability. It’s also important to make sure that everyone’s flotation device fits properly. 

What You’ll Need

You can purchase your raft, paddles, and flotation devices prior to your trip, or you can rent them from an outdoor store or from companies that specialize specifically in rafting. If you’re going during cold weather, you’ll also want to wear a wetsuit. 

For multi-hour trips, you’ll need to bring plenty of water to drink and a dry bag with a first aid kit and a map. It’s not a bad idea to bring sunscreen, snacks, and – if you’re bringing kids – fun things like water guns as well. 

Overnight trips will require quite a bit more planning and more gear, as you’ll need to plan for the camping component as well. Keep in mind that you’ll have to figure out where you’re going to camp ahead of time, what gear you’ll need to sleep, how much food and water you’ll need, and how you’ll transport all of your supplies to and from your campsite.

The Guided Option

If you want to go on a rafting adventure but don’t want to worry about planning the trip, gathering the gear, or picking the river, you can always elect to go on a guided tour. 

Guided tours are also a great option for venturing into rougher waters than you’d be comfortable navigating on your own. Plus, they usually include the rental of all the gear you’ll need. 

If you live in Northern California or you’re planning on visiting the area soon, Bigfoot Rafting offers equipment rentals and a variety of options for half-day, full-day, and multi-day tours at different difficulty and experience levels.

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