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Ride Repair: Steps to Take Post-Car Accident

Whether you’re driving in your home city or far away from where you live, a car accident could happen suddenly. Accidents on the road often involve collisions with one or multiple vehicles, and knowing what to do after an accident can help you protect your legal rights and make the process of resolving all the issues that are related to the accident much easier.


Tend to Urgent Needs


If you or any passenger who is riding with you gets seriously injured in the accident, you shouldn’t hesitate to call an ambulance for emergency care. For more minor injuries, bandages and other medical supplies that are in your vehicle’s first aid kit can be used to treat smaller wounds until a doctor can examine them.


Report the Accident


You should notify your insurance company as soon as possible to submit an accident claim and see if the damages will be covered or if you’ll be given enough monetary compensation for a new vehicle. Review your insurance policy to know for sure what your insurance company is expected to cover.


You may also want (or be required by law) to notify the police so that a report of the accident can be written. The officer who comes to the scene will also be able to take statements from you and anyone else who was involved in the accident, and these statements can be used by your insurance company or in court to help support your claim.


Consider Legal Counsel


It’s also a good idea to notify an attorney of the accident in many cases so that any appropriate legal action can be taken. The attorney you hire can advocate for your rights and negotiate with your insurance company if you are offered an unfair settlement or your claim is denied. Your legal representative will also be able to attend court hearings with you if your case needs to be decided by a judge.


Document Expenses


By documenting the expenses that resulted from the accident, you’ll have a better idea of how much the insurance company is expected to cover or what you’ll need to spend if you have to pay for anything out of pocket. When you record your expenses, you’ll want to keep all supporting documents in order so that you’ll stay better organized.


Prepare for Claim Adjustments


Even though you might think that the insurance company will pay a certain amount on your claim, the insurance adjuster could modify what your insurer has agreed to pay, which could be significantly less. If you believe that the coverage amount was reduced unfairly, your attorney can try to convince your insurer to reverse their decision.


Get Emotional Support


An auto accident often results in mental and emotional trauma, and this may be especially true if you suffered any catastrophic injuries from the event. A mental health professional can help you process any negative thoughts or feelings about the accident better so that you’ll be able to move forward in your life with a more positive frame of mind.


Stay Informed


You shouldn’t have to wait a long time to hear back from the insurance company about your claim, and staying informed of the process can help put your mind at ease. If it’s been a while since you last heard from your insurer, don’t hesitate to contact them to ask about the progress of your claim.

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