Rogue Magazine Lifestyle A Guide to Support your Child’s Dreams and Aspirations as a Football Player

A Guide to Support your Child’s Dreams and Aspirations as a Football Player

It is one of a parent’s roles to help their child find their true passion in life, indeed, some people never discover their true passion in their lifetime, and while we should be realistic with our goals, it is possible that your son or daughter’s footballing abilities are good enough to make a living out of playing the game. It is not unusual for a 10-year old to marvel at their favourite sportspeople and the lifestyle of a Premier League player is certainly luxurious, which can lead to a desire to emulate their heroes and try to become a professional footballer.

Support and Guidance

If you live in Bangkok, for example, check out, a leading football academy that helps youngsters discover their potential on the football pitch. Regardless of age or gender, if your child shows an interest in football, you should help them to locate a local boys or girls team and start practicing with the squad. A young player learns a lot when they are in a team squad and training is to be taken seriously, as letting the team down is simply not an option.

Developing Leadership Qualities

If your son or daughter displays signs of leadership, being in a football team will certainly bring this out and developing leadership skills will benefit the youngster in every aspect of their life. There is a lot of pressure on a team captain and this empowers the player to rise to new heights, leading by example, showing the other players how they can win the game and motivating them to go that extra mile that victory often demands. Of course, a global education really does prepare a student for the modern world, which might take the form of an international school.

Finding the Right Playing Position

It is really the coach’s role to help the player find the position that best suits them and this can often be a case of trial and error, unless, of course, he or she wants to play in goal. Of course, the forward, or striker, is the player to receive the accolade when scoring a winning goal, yet the midfield and defence are also critical if the team is going to win. It might be that your son or daughter is happy to play in any position, which is a very valuable player for any team. The coach can always rely on their diverse player who makes a great central defender and he is often the captain of the team, due to the fact he can switch positions during a game.

Watching Top Level Games

Whether you child prefers the UK Premier League or the Calcio Serie A, you should let them watch their favourite team when they play and with online solutions, they can cheer on their favourite team and hopefully, see a win. The post-match interviews and play analysis are important aspects of understanding the game, which your child might be very interested in following.

It is very easy to find a local football club for kids of all ages and once your child is part of the squad, they will develop in many ways, all of them positive.

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